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WASHINGTON, D.C., January 24, 2014 ( – Six-year-old Keelan Glass, the world's youngest person to complete a half-marathon, does not mince words about why she decided to participate in the Nellie Gray 5K Run with Life Runners at the U.S. March for Life. 

“(I) run for babies to be born,” Keelan told in a video interview the day before the event, which was unfortunately cancelled due to harsh weather conditions. 

And why does Keelan want babies to be born? “Because I love people,” she said, breaking into the most endearing smile. 

And why are people interested in Keelan’s running? “Because they know that I like babies,” she said with a sweet grin. 

In October the first-grader from Abeline, Texas, became the youngest person on record to complete a half marathon, finishing the 13.1 mile Showdwon Half Marathon in under three hours. 

But the 3-foot, 5-inch 35-pounder Keelan wasn’t running to break a world record. She was running to raise money for a local crisis pregnancy center. And she raised nearly $3,000. 

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Her mom, Tracy, told that Keelan was inspired to run for babies after a conversation stemming from a Bible verse read in church one Sunday about God’s gifts and how they can be used to help other people. 

“Keelan said: ‘I can run to help babies just like you do, Mom,” the mom, who has been with Life Runners for more than a year, recounted. 

“That’s the start for how she joined Life Runners,” she said. 

Life Runners is a national pro-life ministry for praying, running, and raising money for pregnancy help centers across the nation. Pro-life runners from the team have been spotted across the country wearing a blue shirt with the message “Remember The Unborn”.

Tracy said that nobody is too small to serve the cause for the unborn. 

“God can use anybody for his work, even little people. You just have to find those places where he can use you and the gifts he’s given you.”

While Keelan knows that God has given her the gift of running, she also believes that she’s not running alone on her own power.

Where does she get the strength to keep on going mile after mile when the going gets tough? “Jesus,” she said simply.