TORONTO, March 28 ( – After spending 48 days in jail, pro-life activist Mary Wagner stood trial today for offering assistance to distressed pregnant women in the vestibule of a Toronto abortion facility.  Wagner represented herself in court, reading a statement in what one witness called “a little bit of history being made.”


While the crown argued that the abortion facility should have a right to operate their business without interference from Wagner, in her statement of defense Wagner concentrated on the plight of unborn children and their mothers. 

Read the complete statement here.

“I stand before you accused of mischief,” Wagner began. She pointed out that the ‘business’ in question “exists almost exclusively for the purpose of destroying children in their mothers’ wombs; under the guise of serving women, helpless babies are killed there, and their mothers are left wounded.” 

Although the small courtroom was full and included several pro-abortion activists, there was a hush during Wagner’s presentation.

“I have attempted to reach out to women who are considering abortion as a solution to the difficult circumstances in which they find themselves,” she said. “My presence was peaceful, and stems from an acknowledgment of the fact that a new human life exists from the moment of conception.”

At the conclusion of her statement she asked the judge for a moment of silence for the unborn.  The judge denied the request.

The judge then announced that he disregarded Wagner’s statement since he said it did not pertain to the matter at hand.  He found Wagner guilty of mischief and sentenced her to one year of probation with an order not to go near any abortion facility in Toronto.

Wagner was arrested February 9th after peacefully handing out roses to pregnant mothers entering the abortion centre.  On a small card with each rose, Wagner wrote: “You were made to love and to be loved.”

“Your goodness is greater than the difficulties of your situation. Circumstances in life change. A new life, however tiny, brings the promise of unrepeatable joy. There is still hope!”

At least one couple is known to have left the centre that day, rose in hand, smiling thankfully at pro-life witnesses on the sidewalk outside.

Alissa Golob, leader of Campaign Life Coalition Youth, attended the trial with a group of pro-life supporters.  Golob told LifeSiteNews that she and her friends felt it was a privilege to be on hand for the trial.  She described the silence that greeted Wagner’s statement and said that it struck awe in the hearts of the pro-lifers present, encouraging them to continue to strive for the right to life of unborn children.