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Dutch farmers protest against climate regulations that could result in the closure of 30% of livestock farms.euronews / Screenshot

Please sign and share the petition in support of Dutch farmers, as well as other farmers and workers across the world 


(LifeSiteNews) — A LifeSiteNews petition expressing support for the European farmers taking a stand against harmful environmental regulations has quickly garnered almost 18,000 signatures.

The signatures testify that more and more people have realized that the health and wellbeing of their families hinge on the success of the farmers’ gallant defiance of the European elites’ Great Reset agenda. 

The farmers know that not only are green policies harmful to their livelihoods, such policies will hasten a global food shortage. This is not just a battle within the Netherlands, Italy, Poland and elsewhere in the EU to save farmers: this is a battle over the future availability of food around the world. 

 The threat is by no means hypothetical. Less than two years after organic farming was mandated in Sri Lanka, outlawing the use of synthetic fertilizers, the entire nation now faces a massive food shortage and catastrophic economic collapse.   

These types of regulations most certainly can —and inevitably will— make their way to every corner of the globe. The brave European farmers now serve as the world’s first line of defense.   

The standoff began after Dutch lawmakers approved legislative proposals to significantly decrease greenhouse emissions by the end of the decade, most notably by cracking down on ammonia and nitrogen oxide, which are common in farming. 

This plan seeks to exceed the globalist EU’s agreement among member states to reduce greenhouse emissions as a means to combat climate change by at least 40% by the year 2030.  

As a result, it would seem almost inevitable that thousands of farms could find themselves in jeopardy within the coming years, but Dutch farmers have no plans to stand down. In fact, this embrace of EU and World Economic Forum (WEF)-style environmental demands is the primary force behind the ongoing protests by as many as 40,000 farmers, who, in response, have taken their tractors to highways from the Netherlands to Italy, making an unmistakable statement of resistance reminiscent of that of the Canadian Freedom Convoy truckers in order to protect their livelihoods. 

Such policies are a clear tenet of the Great Reset, pushed by globalist entities around the world like the WEF.  

Let there be no doubt: these extreme environmental policies and transgressions against working people cannot be expected to stop any time soon. 

Please take this opportunity to make your voice heard in support of the hardworking men and women who wish to maintain the freedom to provide for their families without excessive government and globalist interference.