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(LifeSiteNews) – Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian recently shared her struggles to connect with her son who was born via surrogacy, a process which she described negatively as “transactional” but still praised as a “great” option for parenthood. 

The celebrity – known for her part in her family’s reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” – discussed the surrogacy experience candidly in the season three premiere, expressing how she felt “guilty” for taking home a baby nurtured and delivered by another woman, admitting that the whole process is “not about” the child. 

Kardashian conceived and carried her first child herself in 2018, turning to surrogacy for her second. The baby boy was born in August 2022, months before she spoke openly about how the surrogate process is “really hard for me.” 

“It’s a mind f***,” Kardashian said in the season premiere, which aired on May 25, saying that she feels “less connected” to her son because of the unnatural process. “This is not easy.”


Pro-life bioethicists note that surrogacy brings with it a host of ethical dilemmas, one being that babies conceived through it are ripped away from the only human – who may not even technically be the child’s biological mother – who they have ever known during their short life in-utero.  

“I felt really guilty that this woman just had my baby and I take the baby and then I go to another room, and you’re sort of separated,” she recalled. “I felt it was such a transactional experience because it’s not about him [the baby].” 

Despite honestly expressing her conflicting emotions about the unnatural way in which her child was conceived, carried, and delivered by using another woman’s body, Kardashian finished by endorsing the practice.  

“I wish someone was honest about surrogacy and the difference of it,” she said. “But it doesn’t mean it’s bad or good. It’s still great, it’s just very different.” 

The candid testimony comes months after Kardashian spoke more reservedly about her surrogacy experience during an interview with Kelly Clarkson, in which the reality TV star described the process as “different” but “amazing.” 

In the same interview, which took place in October, she hinted at the difficulty when describing herself as a “control freak” and struggling to trust that the “stranger” carrying her child would take care of the life developing within her. 

Kardashian has previously said that her decision to hire a surrogate rather than carry her child on her own was influenced by health concerns and doctors warning she faced a higher-than-normal risk of losing a baby in a miscarriage. 

As the Western world continues to belittle the dignity of marriage and procreation by promoting homosexuality and gender ideology, surrogacy has become increasingly popular. The unnatural practice has been hailed as a means for homosexual men to attain parenthood and an alternative for women who either can’t physically carry their own children or simply choose not to go through pregnancy and childbirth. 

In March 2022, openly homosexual and conservative political commentator Dave Rubin was met with intense controversy after announcing that he and his “husband” were planning to adopt two children via surrogacy. Rubin received even more backlash for stating that he would request the babies – carried by two different women – be aborted if they were found to have serious disabilities.  

Amid the Rubin saga, a former surrogate mother spoke out about the practice, calling it “disreputable” and “evil.” The woman revealed that although she initially viewed surrogacy as an act of charity in bringing life into the world, her opinion changed when she was asked to abort one of the triplets she carried.  

It was later discovered that the single man who fathered all three babies – all born alive because the woman refused to kill any of them – was not living in a healthy environment to raise children. However, the father was not required to go through any process to ensure he was able to provide a healthy home for the kids he commissioned and the woman who carried them to term was denied all legal parental rights.  


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