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With just five days left in our critical Spring fundraising campaign, we still have $122,326 to raise if we are going to reach our absolutely minimum goal! (Click here to donate)

In a moment I’m going to share some of the hundreds of amazing (and truly humbling) comments we have received from generous donors over the past 13 days.

Like “Martha,” who writes, “God bless you and the work you are doing! I thank the Lord for your organization.” Or “Nedda,” who writes simply: “I would be lost without LifeSiteNews.”

However, first I want to remind you how much our mission to defend life, family, faith and freedom in the media depend on the success of our quarterly campaigns!

If you support LifeSite’s 100% faithful, professional, and uncompromising pro-life and pro-family news reporting, please make the most generous donation you can today – even if it’s just $5 or $10!

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One of the best parts about our quarterly campaigns is getting to hear from the people who keep LifeSite going every day – YOU!

It’s true that running these fundraising campaigns can sometimes be stressful. But the encouragement we receive from so many more than makes up for it!

It would be impossible to share even a fraction of the comments we have received so far this campaign, but here is a selection of some of the very best we have received:

  • “Thank you for the work you do. I get most of my news from Lifesite. Blessings!”
    Kathleen – Michigan, United States

  • “Thanks LSN for your up-to-the-minute factual & verified reporting in these dire times. Many other websites are more concerned with advertising revenue & other sources of income & they are afraid to spell out the core problems in to-day's society.”
    Norma – South Carolina, United States

  • “…my wife and I have managed to make a recurring monthly donation of $50 to LSN for some time now. This despite the fact that we are living on a single, unindexed disability pension, are unable to even afford a car of our own anymore, and have had to downsize from our 1,200 sq. ft. house to a 700 sq. ft. apartment. I just wish we could afford to give more to this outstanding organization.”
    James, United States

  • “LifeSiteNews provides news that I wish every Catholic and Christian would read to be aware of what is happening around the world. We are all so ignorant while our very freedoms are being taken away from us.”
    Joyce – Saskatchewan, Canada

  • “Thank God that organizations such as yours are at the front line in the war against all the things we uphold as sacred. May He who governs all, reward you accordingly. Thank you for your service and determination”
    Hoomis – Sydney, Australia

  • “There is rarely a day when I don't read the articles in LifeSiteNews. I've depended on your excellent website for years to help keep me informed of the important moral issues of our day. Thank you for being so reputable and relevant. God bless your valuable work.”
    Jan – Kentucky, United States

  • “The pro-faith, pro-family, pro-life communities of our nation, of our world would be very underserved without the holy and extraordinary work of all who are Life Site News. May God continue to bless your good works.”
    Sandra – Maryland, United States

  • “Thank you for bringing truth forward, good Folk at LIFESITE. People need to know what is really happening out there. And we need to keep our ears fresh to God's Word and not be swayed by the strong current of sin in our culture.”
    Barb – Ontario, Canada

At the end of every campaign, we compile all the comments into a document and send them to our entire staff, so they can be encouraged, as well as remember to pray for the needs of our donors.

In fact, every single morning our staff gather together on a conference call to pray – and we always remember to pray for our donors. It’s the least we can do for those who have sacrificed so much for the sake of this apostolate!

Remember, your donation today goes to support our 25+ full and part-time journalists dedicated to defending life, family, faith and freedom, and getting the truth of the Culture of Life out to tens of millions of people around the world!

For 20 years now, you have kept LifeSite going…and GROWING! We are proud of the fact that you continue to make LifeSite a truly reader-funded enterprise. And we have every confidence you will help us reach our goal again!

With 4-5 million people coming to LifeSite each month for the truth we provide on life and family issues, if only 1% of our readers could give just $5, we would reach our goal!

Just imagine what we could do if just 10% of our readers gave only $5? Will you be one of those who helps us reach our goal today? Click here to donate.

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We are grateful for any gift you can give to LifeSite, large or small. Every gift truly plays a role in keeping our mission alive and successful!