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March 31, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — The road of faith and conversion to a life of holiness is one of the most miraculous and beautiful sights to behold. In our world plagued by darkness, the light of Easter — especially this year — resonates in a whole new way.

This Holy Week, we bring you the beautiful testimony of reversion of a young college student who, at the Easter Vigil, will receive the sacrament of Confirmation after years away from the faith.

Diana Ascencio-Avila, a student at Germanna Community College in Fredericksburg, Virginia, began her journey back to the Church at a time when many actually leave it: as she started college.

The summer before she began, she attended a free event for Catholic college students called a College Night, hosted by a Catholic non-profit in Virginia, the Associates of St. John Bosco. At this event, Diana witnessed first-hand the joy of a life with Christ and a relationship with His Church. As she met other students who were serious about their faith, she wanted what they had. Thus, the journey of faith began — and once she entered down this road, her family followed.

She soon became a part of an RCIA class where she learned the faith for two years and brought all her knowledge home, evangelizing her family. The transformation led to her own desire to get confirmed. This Easter weekend Diana will be confirmed at the Easter Vigil Mass. Her younger sister will be confirmed on Easter Sunday.

As we contemplate the Easter mysteries this Holy Week, may we be reminded that the light of faith is enough to wake our weary world from its sinful slumber.