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Maxime Bernier (right) speaking during an interview with Tucker Carlson (left) last week.Fox News

DIDSBURY, Alberta (LifeSiteNews) – People’s Party of Canada (PPC) leader Maxime Bernier said he would go back to prison to fight for people’s freedoms.  

“I said yesterday, it was the first time [getting arrested], and it will be the last one, but maybe I’m wrong,” said Bernier on Tuesday while speaking at a PPC rally in Didsbury, Alberta. 

“Because I will fight for you, and if I have to go to jail again, I will go to jail again – to fight for freedom.”  

Bernier, who has been a strong opponent of COVID-19 jab mandates, lockdowns, and vaccine passports was referring to his June arrest in the province of Manitoba.  

Bernier is on the campaign trail in anticipation of the September 20 federal election. While speaking in Cochrane, Alberta on Monday, Bernier said that Alberta is “my second home. I like it, we share the same views and the same values.” 

Bernier is a former Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) MP and Cabinet minister who almost won the CPC leadership race in 2017.  

In Cochrane, Bernier said he feels the “momentum” building for his libertarian PPC, saying the party now has “331 candidates” running in the 2021 federal election.  

The PPC leader spent a short time in jail in June for breaking Manitoba COVID-19 health rules after speaking at a freedom rally as part of an election tour.  

Bernier’s lawyers from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) were able to secure his release.  

His Manitoba tour was well publicized in advance, and caught the attention of Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister, who warned Bernier that, should he break the local rules, “he’s going to be light in the pocket book.” 

Bernier’s June 11 arrest caught the attention of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, who interviewed him that month about his ordeal with Manitoba police.  

“In Canada, you cannot speak against the regime. It’s like in China. I was in jail for eight hours a day – they handcuffed me, put me in jail and for a non-crime … it was a political repression,” Bernier told Carlson 

The PPC’s party platform blasts COVID-19 lockdowns, vaccine passports, and mask mandates.  

The party promises that if elected, it will “oppose vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, and other authoritarian measures imposed by provincial governments, and support individuals and groups that challenge such measures in court.” 

“Lockdowns, mask mandates, school closures, and other authoritarian sanitary measures have not had any noticeable effect on the course of the pandemic. Regions or countries that implemented strict measures have been as impacted as those that did not,” reads the platform.  

“Both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated can get infected and transmit the virus, which negates the rationale for segregation and vaccine passports.” 

The PPC has also promised, if elected, to “[f]ire the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada Theresa Tam and replace her with someone who will work with provincial agencies to implement a rational approach to the pandemic, instead of following the recommendations of the World Health Organization.”