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LOS ANGELES (LifeSiteNews) — In the wake of his ride-along interview with rapper Ice Cube, Tucker Carlson sat down with the Hip Hop icon in his L.A. studio where they discussed race, politics, cancel culture, the trans phenomenon, men, and the police.

In this 11th episode of his new Tucker on Twitter show, the former Fox News ratings king asked “Cube” — whose birth name is O’Shea Jackson — why he would accept an interview with him knowing he would take significant abuse from leftists.

“Because I think it’s silly not to talk to people,” the musician and actor responded. “Whether we agree or not has nothing to do with it … Let’s talk about it. Let’s debate.”

Ice Cube was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016 as a member of his former band N.W.A., where he contributed to the popular success of “gangsta rap.” In his later solo career, he is said to have produced “political rap” albums that were commercially successful.

Also an actor and producer, Jackson went on to explain that he had experienced a type of cancellation from television shows like The View and Oprah. Despite his starring in the film Barbershop and producing a show called Black. White., he said each show’s entire cast was invited on the Oprah show on two separate occasions, but he was not invited.

In 2020, Jackson was contacted by both the Biden campaign and the Trump campaign. Each complemented an initiative he was involved in called “the Contract with Black America,” but while the Biden team put him off until after the election, the Trump campaign asked, “Do you mind talking to us about it?” which the rapper did.

Carlson asked, “Do you think that crossed the line” leading to his cancellation?

“I think some people didn’t like that, but I think it’s idiotic. Enemies meet,” he said. “We’ve just got to talk. That’s the only way we’re going to work this out. I know that when the talkin’ stops, the fighting starts.”

Later in the interview, Carlson — who built the highest-rated cable news show in history before being cancelled himself by Fox News — asked Cube if he thinks “we overplay the role of racial conflict in American life,” to which the rapper immediately responded, “Yes, I think race takes up too much space.”

“There are people that we all have in our lives, who are the same race that we can’t stand. And there’s people in our lives from other races that we get along with way better,” he said.

“So, it’s not about race. It’s not about color and gender and this and that. It’s about who do you connect with?” the rapper explained. “Who’s on the same wavelength. Who wants to be the same kind of person? Who wants to do the right thing when you want to do the right thing? That’s who you connect with.”

“So, I think a lot of people make a lot of money off of the races fighting against each other and bickering. And they’re the ones who push it in our face all the time that we’re [a] separate [people from one another].”

“It’s like you’re stuck in a bad movie, and you can’t find the exit and it continues to play on the screen, and you’re just running around looking for the exit,” he explained. “And this bad movie continues to just haunt you day by day, by day, by day.”

Rejecting the race narrative often imposed upon the United States as a means to divide, Ice Cube offered a clarifying phrase from the world of Hip Hop that “it’s not about where you come from, it’s about where you’re at right now.”

Having come from South Central Los Angeles, one of the tougher neighborhoods of the megacity, Jackson recorded a song in the late 1980s with N.W.A. titled “F*** tha Police,” expressing a strong sentiment of distrust and resentment toward law enforcement.

Carlson asked the now 54-year-old about his current view of the police, to which he responded, “It’s the same,” because the institution and its philosophy and behavior, like the military, remain the same.

“It’s an organization that does things a certain way. And I think their philosophy sometimes is detrimental to the people they’re serving because I think cops have a ‘win and make it home’ philosophy,” he explained.

“Win whatever battles you have in the street, make it home at night, and that’s actually the most important thing. Everything else, people’s rights, doing things the right way, being totally fair and square all the time, and not being a little aggressive, all that comes second to, ‘win the encounter, make it home at night,’” Ice Cube opined.

“You can’t really fault somebody for thinking that way, as a police officer, but that’s the philosophy. So, everything else comes second to that,” he said. “It’s just the nature of that fraternity.”

Trans movement ‘trying to bend the universe to [their] will, and it don’t work like that.’

Jackson also weighed in on the plight of men today, stating it is more difficult for them to be themselves because levers of influence in society seek to suppress the natural instincts and qualities of healthy masculinity.

“We shouldn’t be called toxic for our instincts,” he said. “I was born this way. What are you talking about? … Why can’t we be ourselves?”

Offering a consideration of a group that actually is aggressively affirmed by the same levers of influence, Carlson proposed a contrast: “If I say I’m ‘trans’ and people say, ‘that’s great, you’re born that way, we affirm you.’ But if you say, ‘I’m just a dude with male instincts,’ you’re not affirmed, you’re attacked.”

In response, the “gangsta rapper” clarified, “Everybody doesn’t really have to affirm you. If I wake up and say, ‘I feel like a pigeon’ and ‘I want everybody to treat me like a pigeon,’ some people may say, ‘whatever, dude, we’ll treat you like a pigeon.’”

On the other hand, others may say, “’Dude, no. That’s your world and I’m not part of it.’ And I have to be ready for that. It’s a big world out here. Everybody doesn’t have to adhere to me.”

Carson replied, “That’s called narcissism, right?”

“Yeah,” Ice Cube replied. “Seems like you’re trying to bend the universe to your will, and it don’t work like that.”


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