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SIGN THE PETITION: Give Charlie Gard a chance!

LONDON, England, July 10, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Chris Gard and Connie Yates, who are fighting to keep their 11-month-old son Charlie alive, delivered to his hospital a petition with more than 350,000 signatures on Sunday.

They did this after a pro-Charlie rally and press conference outside Great Ormond Street Hospital, which has been fighting in court for months to remove Charlie from life support.

“The specialists are in America, where we wanna go” to treat Charlie's rare mitochondrial disease, Chris told media and supporters. “He deserves this chance. He should have had this chance a long time ago.”

“He’s our son,” said Connie. “He’s our flesh and blood. We feel that it should be our right as parents to decide to give him a chance at life.”

“If he’s still fighting, we’re still fighting,” she said. There is “nothing to lose” by letting Charlie be transferred elsewhere for experimental treatment, she noted. She and Chris thanked the public, the media, and people in the United States and Rome for their support and for drawing attention to their parental rights case.

Charlie's parents raised more than $1 million from private donations to transfer Charlie out of Great Ormond Street Hospital. A Vatican hospital and at least two in the U.S. have offered to treat Charlie. 

Nevertheless, his parents aren't even allowed to take him home to spend his last hours there instead of the hospital. 

A judge will hear new evidence in favor of saving Charlie on Thursday.