WATCH: Go behind the scenes with LifeSite’s team of joy-filled defenders of Christ

We spent the time deepening our faith, connecting as a team, and discussing how we can continue to bring you and millions of others the pro-life, pro-family, and culture news the mainstream media ignore.
Tue Aug 13, 2019 - 3:07 pm EST
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August 13, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – LifeSite fans will have noticed the site went quiet for Thursday, Friday, and Monday. As we explained, we were on retreat. Once a year LifeSite brings all our staff together from around the world for a face-to-face retreat with the whole crew which has ballooned to more than 30 of us – not counting members of the board who also attend. 

Back Row (Left to Right): Jason Taylor, Paul Smeaton, Jonathon Van Maren, Martin Barillas, Patrick Craine | Middle Row (Left to Right): John Jalsevac, Calvin Freiburger, Clare Maagad, Doug Mainwaring, Jon Fidero, Brian Limas, Lisa Bourne, Steve Jalsevac, Bruce Sabalaskey, John-Henry Westen, Drew Belsky, Stephen Kokx, Scott Schittl, Jim Hale, Pete Baklinski | Front Row (Left to Right): Karolyn Heffernan, Lisa Stover, Danielle Zuccaro, Claire Chretien, Dorothy Cummings McLean, Rebecca Fidero, Mother Miriam, Madeleine Jacob, Rebekah Roberts, Lianne Laurence, Diane Montagna, Matthew McDevitt, Jeanne Smits

We spent the long weekend listening to updates from various departments within LifeSite, collaborating and setting goals for the year to come. The journalists experienced some hands-on learning that will only enrich our reporting. Of course, we also spent a great deal of time laughing, deepening our faith, and connecting as a team. 

LifeSiteNews has experienced greater growth in traffic and users this past year than in almost our whole history combined! We had a record 10.6 million page views in July alone! 

We have been blessed with an awesome team. Honestly, I believe they are some of the most talented people on earth. Secular society would also love to have their talents. But they’ve chosen to lay them out in the service of the Lord of Life.

These are faithful, hard-working, sacrificial young and older soldiers for the culture of life, family, faith, and freedom. They are my heroes. I’m blessed to call them colleagues, friends, and truly brothers and sisters.

Two of our newest additions at LifeSiteNews, Jim Hale and Jason Taylor, took some amazing photos and video of our time together and we’re so pleased to bring you their compilations.


At LifeSite we don’t trust in our talents, we lay them out in the service of the Lord and trust in Him alone. He has and will continue to see to the success of His Work. We need not worry about it. We can rejoice in His victories knowing honestly that they come from His hand and give Him the glory. 

Seek first the Kingdom of God and all the rest shall be given to you, the Scriptures tell us.


You, our supporters, are, like the LifeSite team, called by God to this work and have responded with great generosity, sacrifice, and love. The Lord has seen your sacrifice and your love and made your efforts shine to reach the world with the truth about the most difficult issues facing the globe today. 

This is not a job. It’s a mission – a mission for Christ, with Christ, in Christ.

I am humbled to serve with such great soldiers for Christ in this mission of His of LifeSiteNews.


Get to know the LifeSite team:

Steve Jalsevac - Co-Founder and President

John-Henry Westen - Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Patrick Craine - Vice President of Editorial

Jon Fidero - Vice President of Advancement

Clare Maagad - Operations Manager

John Jalsevac - Consultant

Peter Baklinski - Senior Editor

Claire Chretien - Associate Editor

Drew Belsky - Assistant Editor

Martin Barillas - Catholic Breaking News Journalist

Lisa Bourne - Journalist

Dorothy Cummings McLean - Journalist

Calvin Freiburger - Journalist 

Lianne Laurence - Journalist

Douglas Mainwaring - Journalist

Diane Montagna - Rome Correspondent

Maike Hickson - Journalist

Matthew Hoffman (not pictured) - Journalist

Jeanne Smits - Journalist

Jonathon Van Maren - Journalist/Podcaster

Lisa Stover - Major Gifts Officer

Danielle Zuccaro - Donor Giving Coordinator

Karolyn Heffernan - Donor Giving Coordinator

Rebecca Fidero - Business Manager

Rebekah Roberts - Director of Marketing

Stephen Kokx - Assistant Director of Marketing

Madeleine Jacob - Marketing Assistant

Paul Smeaton - Community Coordinator

Brian Limas - Assistant Multimedia Editor and Youth Formation Coordinator

Jim Hale - Video Editor

Jason Taylor - Video Editor

Scott Schittl - Campaigns Manager

Bruce Sabalasky - Web Developer

Matthew McDevitt - Assistant Web Developer


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