October 14, 2011 ( – A medic in Uganda who performed an illegal abortion on a young woman carrying his own child was arrested two weekends ago after the botched procedure almost took the life of the mother as well.


The pro-life missionaries of Human Life International in Uganda reported the incident to the police, leading to the abortionist’s arrest. Abortion is illegal in Uganda.

“We will pursue the case to its logical conclusion. The Constitution is clear that no person has the powers to terminate the life of another unlawfully,” said Lawrence Muchunguzi, a HLI Uganda staffer, in an interview with Uganda’s Daily Monitor newspaper.

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Chapter 4 Section 22 (2) of the Ugandan constitution states, “No person has the right to terminate the life of an unborn child except as may be authorised by law.”

According to the Daily Monitor, the woman was a student at Millennium Universal College, but was expelled when it was discovered that she was two months pregnant. She was six months pregnant at the time of the abortion last Friday.

The medical officer who performed the abortion reportedly brought the unnamed woman to a hospital theatre to perform the abortion, and injected her with drugs causing her to pass out. When the procedure went awry, he brought the woman to St. Anthony Missionary Hospital where doctors were able to save her life.

Sources close to woman indicate that the woman and the medic were dating, and that he pressured her to procure an abortion for the past four months. Sources say the man tricked her into receiving the injection which was disguised as a malaria treatment. The six-month-old child in her womb was then cut into two pieces, one piece removed and one piece remained inside. One of her fallopian tubes was also cut, and the uterus perforated.

“He took me to the theatre injected me and I slept off,” the woman told the Daily Monitor. “When I woke up I was in great pain and bleeding profusely. When the bleeding could not stop, he carried me to the bathroom. I regained my senses a day later to realize I was in a different hospital.”

“She is very lucky. If we did not have blood in the hospital that day, she would have died because she had over bled,” said Dr. Francis Kasule of St. Anthony Missionary Hospital.

While the abortionist was apprehended by police, pro-lifers in Uganda are wary that justice still may not be done.

Sources indicate that after the arrest, several attempts were made by pro-abortion interests to bury the story in the media, and to encourage the police to drop the case.

“The story came out, but it was not posted on the Daily Monitor’s website. It was the only story that was in the category of national news from the front page but failed to see the light online,” said Father Jonathan Opio, HLI’s country director in Uganda.

“The anti-life crowd likes to use victims of abortion in the press to show how abortion needs to be legalized to be made ‘safe’ for women, and hide stories like this that show the violent and corrupt side of the ‘pro-choice’ industry,” said Dr. Brian Clowes, director of research at HLI, who visited Uganda earlier this year. “Fr. Opio and his pro-life team at HLI Uganda are trying to protect women, save lives and adhere to the rule of law under their constitution, while organizations like Marie Stopes International are promoting and performing abortions unlawfully.”

“Pro-lifers must continue to expose the criminal abortion industry in Africa to put an end to the killing of the innocent unborn,” Dr. Clowes said.

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