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SPRINGFIELD, Illinois (LifeSiteNews) — Billionaire Democrat Governor J.B. Pritzker announced that he created a new group named “Think Big America” to push for abortion across the country.

The Illinois Democrat supports his party’s official stance that abortion should be freely available, subsidized by taxpayers, and legal up until the moment of birth. He is considered a potential presidential contender in 2028.

“My commitment to protecting and expanding reproductive rights has been lifelong,” Pritzker stated in comments to the media. “Think Big America is dedicated to ensuring the fundamental right of reproductive choice for individuals everywhere – regardless of their state of residence, religion, race, or socioeconomic status.”

As governor, Pritzker has removed any limitations on the direct and intentional killing of innocent preborn babies, such as parental notification when minors want to kill their babies. He has also celebrated “Abortion Provider Appreciation Day.” Illinois is currently being sued for legislation he supported that targeted pro-life pregnancy resource centers.

“Think Big America has already funded support for constitutional amendments favoring abortion access in Ohio, Arizona and Nevada,” the Associated Press reported. Pritzker is reportedly the only donor for the time being.

Pritzker’s new group drew criticism from Pro-Life Action League Executive Director Eric Scheidler.

“Billionaire J.B. Pritzker has already made it clear to poor women in Illinois that he doesn’t want their kids playing in Illinois parks, or learning in Illinois schools, or growing up to work in Illinois businesses,” Scheidler told LifeSiteNews. “To J.B. Pritzker, the poor are better off dead, killed by abortion before they can make any demands on one-percenters like him.”

“And now he wants to export this same, ugly, abortion-fueled class warfare on the entire country,” Scheidler said. “Maybe he thinks this is the way to enter national politics, but it’s really just exposing his hatred for the poor.”

The efforts are part of the Pritzker family’s broader efforts to push a pro-abortion, pro-LGBT agenda across America. The wealthy real estate company also funds a program at Ann H. Lurie’s Children’s Hospital in Chicago that surgically and chemically mutilates gender-confused children.

Pritzker also signed legislation that punishes libraries that make common-sense decisions to completely remove or even relocate age-inappropriate books on topics such as sex.

While Pritzker looks to set the national agenda on abortion, his state continues to suffer and citizens flee for greener pastures. The state’s pro-LGBT and pro-abortion agenda has not been able to stem the losses, as residents look for more fiscally conservative and family-friendly states.

Wirepoints, a right-leaning data analysis and news outlet, reported that “Illinois netted a loss of 146,000 residents in 2021.”

It is also not just retirees leaving for Florida: many residents simply moved across the border. “Illinoisans’ number two destination [after Florida] in 2021 was Indiana, which gained a net 19,000 Illinoisans, followed by Wisconsin (net 17,000 Illinoisans gained) and Missouri (net 15,000 Illinoisans gained),” Wirepoints reported.