By Gudrun Schultz

GLEN ELLYN, Illinois, March 13, 2006 ( –Homosexual activists have targeted Illinois governor hopeful Jim Oberwies with extreme accusations, likening him to Hitler, in response to his support of pro-family lobby initiatives in the state.

On Wednesday, activists with the Gay Liberation Network in Chicago compared Oberweis to Hitler for his support of Protect Marriage Illinois.

Mr. Oberwies supports the Illinois Marriage Protection Referendum and the repeal of recent changes added to the Illinois Human Rights Act that facilitate homosexual and transgender inclusion.

Mr. Oberweis’ business has also come under attack. Last month, local homosexual activists pushed for a boycott of products from his dairy farm, Oberweis Dairy.ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ

Peter LaBarbera, director of Protect Marriage Illinois, which has organized the referendum drive, said in a press release on Friday there is an escalation of “extremist rhetoric among homosexual activists seeking to demonize Jim Oberweis and others who support the Marriage Protection Referendum”.

“Homosexual activist groups like GLN and Rick Garcia’s Equality Illinois call Jim Oberweis a ‘bigot’ merely for supporting the Protect Marriage Illinois,’ LaBarbera said. “What is hateful about giving Illinois voters a chance to cast a vote for marriage as one-man, one-woman this November?”

LaBarbera decried the “pattern of ugly attacks against people of faith merely for disagreeing with the homosexual movement.”