ROCKFORD, Illinois, October 1, 2011 ( – Pro-lifers in Illinois are celebrating after the state of Illinois reportedly suspended the operating license of the notorious Rockford abortion facility based on the dangerously unsanitary conditions discovered there last month.

Kevin Rilott, a veteran pro-life witness outside the Northern Illinois Women’s Center, reported that the Illinois Department of Public Health on Friday stated on a suspension notice that “the department had found conditions at the facility that are a direct threat to the public interest, health, safety and welfare requiring immediate, emergency action.”

“We don’t know how long this abortion mill will be closed but we do know that finally the women and children of Rockford will have some protection from an abortion mill that is known for its dangerous conditions and celebrating abortion as some kind of demonic victory over God,” wrote Rilott on the Pro-Life Corner blog.

The abortion facility achieved national notoriety in the pro-life community for its personalized, taunting messages and mocking signage, including hanged and crucified rubber chickens in the windows. The owner of the facility has been known to mock pro-lifers while dressed in a devil costume, or even to emerge from the facility wielding a running chainsaw to drown out pro-lifers.


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When Illinois health officials ventured inside the facility in August, they reported that all three of its operating rooms failed a sanitation inspection.

Officials found shoes in two rooms stored with an open box of surgical gloves, and four out of 16 cannulas – which are inserted directly into the cervix of abortion patients – that were “stained with a brown substance.” Another open box contained gloves also stained with “a brown substance.” The facility also fell short in other respects, including insufficient professional medical staff and failed sanitation inspections.

Rilott had a response for one of the latest taunting signs taped up in the abortion facility’s window prior to the license suspension: “You morons couldn’t close a jack in the box.”

“He is right, pro-lifers can’t shut an abortion mill down.  But the dangerous, unsanitary, and disgusting conditions inside the mill can shut it down!” said Rilott.

Rilott, who has prayed outside the clinic for years, expressed relief that health officials finally caught up with what they had known all along. “We have seen racism, bigotry, and grotesque hatred for God and human life displayed in the windows of this clinic building for years.  It seems this place is as careless, unprofessional, alarming, and dangerous on the inside as it is on the outside.”