Peter Baklinski


‘I’m breaking their sick signs’: Bicyclist assaults pro-lifers, destroys signs

Peter Baklinski

TORONTO, Ontario, July 11, 2012 ( – Show the Truth pro-life participants were violently attacked yesterday at Scott’s abortion clinic in Toronto by a self-identified “pro-choice” woman riding a bicycle.

The woman, wearing a pink shirt, dark glasses and a bicycle helmet, destroyed three of the pro-lifers’ signs, which pro-life activist Alissa Golob, who taped the incident with her iPhone, estimated at about $300 value.

“You people are sick. I’m breaking their sick signs,” the woman said.

Golob, the coordinator of Campaign Life Coalition Youth, said the woman also “slapped” Rosemary Connell, the organizer of the event, “and assaulted me many times by harshly trying to grab my camera out of my hand.”

Show the Truth is a pro-life strategy for bringing awareness to Canadians of the “truth of abortion” using photos of living babies and those killed by abortion.

Each Show the Truth participant signs a pledge committing to “peaceful, non-confrontational methods of pro-life education”. The participants also pledge that they will not “engage in arguing, yelling or intimidating conversation or gestures” and that any discussion with passers-by will be “quiet and respectful.”

“The Show the Truth tour is a peaceful protest full of amazing and inspiring people of all ages,” said Golob. “Hearts have been changed and lives have been saved by this type of activism. If it wasn’t working, people who disagree wouldn’t be angry.”


As the pro-choice woman continued her angry rampage, she could be heard muttering: “People do not have the right to see this. I don’t want to see this.”

“Please don’t do this,” a man holding one of the signs said to her.

“Someone call 911,” Connell can be heard saying.

Golob said that the woman’s actions indicate that those who have “no problem” with the violent killing of the unborn also have “no problem with using violence to born people that inconvenience them.”

“There is no merit to the pro-abortion position, so abortion advocates must rely on violence to get their message across,” she said.

As the woman rode away on her bicycle, she said: “F**k off! Mind your own life.”

Golob told LifeSiteNews that the police were alerted about the incident, but that the woman managed to successfully flee the scene before her identity could be obtained.

During the incident, Golob said that the woman claimed that she was “happy” about her abortion.

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