July 10, 2013 ( – An eleven-year-old Chilean girl known to the public under the pseudonym of “Belen” has confounded and disappointed pro-abortion forces in the South American country by declaring her love for her unborn child, despite the painful circumstances of her pregnancy.

“She’s going to be like a doll that I’m going to have in my arms, but well, I am going to love her a lot, no matter what – even if she is from that man who hurt me,” Belen told Santiago’s Channel 13.

According to Belen, the father of her child is her stepfather, who sexually abused her and threatened to harm her if she told anyone. He is currently in jail awaiting trial.

The next day, Chile’s pro-life president Sebastian Pinera congratulated the girl for her compassion.


“Yesterday [Belen] surprised us all with words that demonstrated depth and maturity when she said that despite the pain that the man who had raped her had caused, she was going to love and care for her newborn,” Pinera told the press.

“When they reach 22 weeks of pregnancy, that is, eight weeks from now, if it is necessary a premature birth will have to be done in accordance with her care,” added Pinera, “because in our country the life of the mother always comes first.”

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However, Michelle Bachelet, the former Socialist president of Chile who is currently leading in the polls in the presidential election race, has told the press that she thinks the “appropriate” measure is to abort the unborn child.

Belen, she says, is “a girl who needs to be protected, and therefore I believe that the option of a therapeutic abortion, in this case for rape, would be appropriate,” Bachelet told the press earlier this week.

Bachelet, who favors the legalization of forms of abortion she calls “therapeutic,” is joined by a Chilean feminist groups such as the “Feminist Coordination for the Freedom to Choose,” which claims that “an undesired pregnancy, imposed by force, is only an extension of the violence, and contributes to a worse deterioration in the mental health of the woman or child who has been abused.”

However, government spokeswoman Cecilia Perez dismissed calls for “therapeutic abortion” in this case, noting that “we don’t agree with any kind of abortion, not even the ‘therapeutic’ kind, which is not at all therapeutic, and we are also not in agreement with seeking to end the life, for example, of adults by euthanasia.”

“We are going to defend Belen and hold the guilty responsible with the same intensity. We must say that our government defends the life of the unborn. We defend life from conception to death,” said Perez.