Reader advisory: Extremely upsetting scenes.

(LifeSiteNews) — Choice42 has put out a new video that exposes the reality of abortion – and it is heartbreaking.  

On October 31, the pro-life organization Choice42, in partnership with Loor.TV, premiered a new video that portrays the graphic reality of abortion in vivid detail. Entitled The Procedure and based on a true story, the four-minute-long animated clip shows a surgical abortion procedure in detail, underscoring the humanity of the child and vividly displaying the reality of her pain. Narrated from the perspective of the sonographer who witnesses the procedure, the film is a heartbreaking reminder that abortion is the murder of an innocent child.  

The film was narrated by Christian actor Kevin Sorbo, who is best known for his starring roles in television’s Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Andromeda.  

“I had just arrived at work as the hospital’s lead sonographer and was looking at a patient’s schedule for the day when my boss told me to go immediately to the OR,” the video’s story begins.  

“The surgeon was requesting ultrasound guidance. That was all the information I was given; I had no idea what I was walking into.”  

The video follows the sonographer into the operating room, where he finds that the patient is already lying sedated on the table, awaiting the surgeon. The surgeon instructs the sonographer to place his ultrasound probe on the woman’s pelvis, which he does, still unsure of what is about to happen.   

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“Still confused about the procedure, I did as he asked and realized that the woman was pregnant,” the narrator continued, as the video shows the grainy form of a child appear on his ultrasound screen. “She was in her second trimester, so I could easily determine the gender of her baby: a little girl.”  

The narrator then said that he watched, stunned, as the surgeon inserted a catheter into the amniotic sac, followed by a pair of forceps. The baby girl recoils into the upper parts of her mother’s womb, trying to get away, but to no avail.   

“In horror, I watched as he inserted a forceps clamp and grabbed her tiny leg,” the narrator said. “She writhed around in pain, trying to get free, but there was nowhere for her to go.”  

The video shows the baby girl squirming in pain and terror, as the abortionist tears her limb from limb. 

“Then the doctor pulled hard until her leg ripped away from her body,” the narrator continues. The video shows the baby girl curl into a ball, crying in pain, blood beginning to obscure the screen.  

Her pain is tangible; but the murder is not yet over.  

“The clamp grabbed her arm, and she struggled to pull away,” the narrator said, adding that his eyes filled with tears as he watched the abortionist tear her tiny arm from her body.  

“Her movements weaken now because she [is] dying.”   

The narrator continues to explain what is going on, as the viewer watches the forceps once again come towards the child. Her face is twisted in agony from the pain she has already endured. 

“The child again curled herself into a tight ball, but again the device grabbed her other leg, and it was ripped from her body,” he says, observing that her heartbeat has now slowed significantly, but that she is still alive as the abortionist rips her last remaining limb from her little body. 

“She wiggled and squirmed around, and then her heart finally stopped beating,” said the narrator, as the life waves on his machine go flat. He recalled that the nurse and scrub tech in the room gasped when he announced there was no more cardiac activity, realizing that the child had been very much alive throughout the abortion.  

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The video then shows as the abortionist removes the last remaining “products of conception” from the woman’s uterus, forming the full but dismembered body of the very human baby girl. 

“Up until that moment I was frozen,” the narrator says, as the viewers watch the sonographer leave, numb with what he has just witnessed. “I silently removed the ultrasound machine from the operating room, went directly to the locker room, and threw up.”  

He said that he quit his job shortly after, vowing that he would never again participate in the murder of a child.  

The video ends with a sobering warning from the sonographer, who says that he is still haunted today by the memories of the murder he participated in, even though it lies twenty years behind him.  

“The saddest part is that this procedure is still happening today,” he stated. “People have no idea we are murdering babies in this way. They think it isn’t a person, that it’s just a mass of tissue.”  

“I’m so sorry for what happened to this little girl, for what I did to her,” he concluded. “I’m sorry, sweetheart. I’m so sorry.”