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I think you could see this one coming.
Wed Jun 25, 2014 - 2:34 pm EST
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Dear Friend,

I think you could see this one coming.

Given the major hiccups with the launch of our new website and our inability to even send out the Daily News emails for a couple days, it was impossible to get the summer fundraising campaign rolling as originally planned.

Things are greatly improved today. Additional website and email enhancements are rolling out at a rapid pace.

So…. we have decided to extend the campaign until NEXT Thursday, July 3.

Because of the inevitable technical hurdles in launching our completely new site, our campaign was delayed by 3 days.

However, the funds needed from this campaign are way too crucial for us to stay with the originally planned end date.

The new deadline gives all of you that needed extra time not just to contribute to the campaign, but also to spread the word among your friends and family!
Growing accustomed to the new website design will take some time for many of our readers (and even our staff!), and so we want to provide a little more time for folks to become more comfortable with the many new features and layout.

So many of us pay as much as hundreds of dollars each month for cable television...The cost of supporting our free news service doesn’t have to cost that.

We are confident that by the new campaign end date, at least 5,000 readers will have made a donation.

Remember, meeting our goal gives us the extra $50,000 donation to our summer campaign from a special donor couple.

They have agreed to the date extension to meet their challenge.

There’s no question that this is an ambitious challenge, even at the best of times! We have never had 5,000 people donate to a single campaign before (although we have gotten pretty close).

However, with our traffic numbers as high as they are, and the need for hard-hitting pro-life and pro-family news only increasing, we know that we CAN - and indeed MUST! - reach that goal.

This is the only way we are going to provide the level and quality of coverage that the world desperately needs!

Of course, if another 4,100 people of the hundreds of thousands viewing our site today were to make a donation and help us reach our goal - we won’t complain!

Consider this: just this past week alone, we had one single story read by nearly 1 million people! That doesn’t even include the other many original reports we have published in the same time frame.

The great thing about the LifeSite family is that there are so many of us, helping to sustain our work is an easy thing to do! “Many hands make light work.” If everybody pitched in whatever they could afford, we would easily meet our needs, and then some!

The more that take a stand and support our work, the easier it becomes for everyone.

So many of us pay as much as hundreds of dollars each month for cable television, which provides the mainstream news sources that we really can’t trust on the life and family issues!

The cost of supporting our free news service doesn’t have to cost that.

And right now, a donation of ANY amount, small or large (we need those as well)  goes that much further if we reach our goal and receive the extra $50,000.

So please, don’t wait. Help push that thermometer on our home page just a little bit further along.

Until next Thursday, every single donation counts, no matter how large or small!

For life and family, 


The LifeSiteNews Team

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