MONTREAL, Feb 16 (  Last Thursday, evidence presented in the case of Herman Krausz confirmed that the Jewish General Hospital (JGH) was working under an imposed euthanasia policy. According to the National Post, a JGH policy, in effect since last July when Krausz died, states that terminally ill patients at the hospital need not “be informed of all measures that will be withheld on the grounds of futility.” Mr. Krausz, a 76-year-old man, was removed from life support despite his own and his family’s objections. His family has taken the case to court.

Pro-life leaders warn that euthanasia is set to follow the same course as abortion, and will most likely far surpass abortion in numbers. Euthanasia and assisted suicide are seen by many as the only cure to the mass social imbalance created by the inverted ratio of young to old; the result of the population control agenda underway for over a generation.