The final touches have just been completed to a significant improvement to the layout of the popular “View all today’s LSN stories on one page” and an extension of that handy layout to other sections. The “printer-friendly” version of that selection and of individual stories has also been made more attractive and useful.

  We have tried to make it as easy as possible for readers to catch up on missed days of LifeSiteNews. Now you can select “View all today’s LSN stories on one page” for the current date, or each of the “Last 10 days” dates or any of the dates going back to 1997 in the LifeSiteNews “Archives”. All are accessible from the “More News” bar half way down the LifeSiteNews home page.

  Also, each of the “all stories on one page” selections now have useful navigation tools built in to quickly navigate to a selected story from the list of titles or back up to the titles. And of course, as mentioned when the new look to LifeSiteNews was launched last week, all stories now include icon links allowing readers to post them to Digg, Facebook and other Internet sharing resources.

  We hope you enjoy these improvements and that they will serve you well.

  Steve Jalsevac