By Hilary White

VANCOUVER, December 19,2007 ( – As Canada’s legislators prepare to debate Bill C-484, Canada’s unborn victims of crime bill that was introduced in Parliament in November, conservation officers are reportedly “emotional” after having discovered three men in British Columbia who were hunting pregnant deer.

The three have pleaded guilty to violating the Wildlife Act after having shot two female deer, one of whom was found to have been pregnant with two fawns. The men have been charged with four counts against the Act, two for killing the two adult females and two more for the unborn fawns. 

CanWest News service reports that conservation officers were “horrified” at the incident.

The deer season in British Columbia runs from mid-September to the end of November and the law prevents female deer from being included in the hunt. The officers believe that the deer were targeted specifically because they appeared pregnant.

Conservation officer Dave Jevons told CanWest that the case was “emotional,” because the hunters appeared to be after the fawns for food or medicine. Some consider foetal fawns a delicacy.

John Hof, head of Campaign Life Coalition British Columbia said the case highlights the “absurdity” of having laws that protect foetal fawns but not foetal human beings.

The Unborn Victims of Crime bill was condemned recently by the member for Halifax, Nova Scotia, Alexa McDonough, former head of the pro-abortion New Democrat party, who dismissed the testimony of the families of children killed in the womb as being motivated, through their grief, from a desire for revenge.

“In our democratic society, we have long decided that revenge is not a proper basis for drafting or adopting our laws,” she said.

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