NEW YORK, Mar 31 ( – Reports of research noting genetic abnormalities in embryos created via IVF, the use of dead men’s sperm in IVF, and erroneous implantation of embryos have all hit the news in the past week.

Gerald Schatten of the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland co-authored a study,  published in the April issue of Nature Medicine, which found that the “ICSI” technique,  commonly used for test-tube fertilization might cause genetic abnormalities or improper numbers of X or Y chromosomes in the embryo. But not to worry says Schatten, “the abnormalities. can be detected by amniocentesis, allowing couples to terminate the pregnancy if they wish.”

On Friday the first birth of a baby using sperm from a dead man was reported. The man had been dead 30 hours before sperm was extracted from his body and frozen. Fifteen months later Gaby Vernoff was impregnated using IVF. Vernoff gave birth on March 17.

A mix-up at a fertility clinic had a woman implanted with a child who was not her own. While thankfully the victim of the mix-up decided to allow the baby to be born, the situation is another evidence of the perils of IVF.

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