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(LifeSiteNews) — According to a Canadian pro-life activist, the violation of bodily dignity and freedom by COVID measures is the result of a dehumanization in the making for decades, something that we have not done enough to combat. 

John Pacheco, host of the new “Joan Up!” Catholic commentary program, said in a January 9 presentation that, well before the onset of COVID, instead of treating the human body as something “holy and of intrinsic value,” we’ve “bought into the lie that our bodies” are “only property to be sold, used, manipulated or even destroyed.” 

We have permitted the violation of bodily integrity for the unborn and other helpless human beings, “so now God has permitted us to experience the consequences of this cowardice and this capitulation,” he said.

The devaluing, exploitation, abuse, and even destruction of human beings has manifested in “pornography, fornication, divorce, abortion, contraception, in vitro fertilization, and euthanasia,” said Pacheco. 

“All of these involve, at a fundamental level, a dehumanization of the human person, so that we consider ourselves merely chattels, property of disordered human will. We can be bought and sold for a price,” he continued.  

“The important point is that we’ve accepted the lie that we are for sale. And more importantly, we told the rich and powerful of the world that we’re for sale.” 

In contradiction, Christianity teaches that the human body is “holy and of intrinsic value,” and is even considered “so valuable to God that he has promised to raise it from the dead on the last day.” 

Pacheco quoted St. Paul: Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit? Who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own. You were bought for at a price. Therefore, honor God with your bodies.” 

“If your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, then who is the priest of this temple?” Pacheco asks. “The answer is you are.”  

The pro-life activist asserted that as “priests” of our own bodies, we are the “principal steward[s]” of our bodies. 

What Pacheco refers to as the COVID “health cult” has sought “to replace the Holy Spirit with the unholy state” and replace our stewardship over our bodies with that of “the politicians, the media and Big Pharma,” he stated.   

“They want to be the priest over your body and offer your body as a sacrifice to their greed and worship of money, power and control,” Pacheco said in reference to the push by all three entities for COVID “vaccination.” 

Pacheco believes that allowing other human beings to be used, violated, and even killed is what set the precedent for current abuse of human bodies under the pretext of COVID. 

“Now, you might say to yourself, ‘Well, hold on. I never gave up my freedom for them to take away the autonomy of my body’,” he said.  

“‘And my answer to you is this: Oh, but you did, my friend. You did. When you bowed your head in compliance to the idea that an unborn child can be crushed in its mother’s womb or turned your face away when grandpa’s plug was being pulled or consumed porn like it was beer, you basically said to them that the human body is property to be disposed of and manipulated by someone else.”  

Pacheco continued, asserting that if human bodies “can be so easily controlled by another person, even to the point of destruction,” then a “violation” of the “stewardship” of our bodies “is not a big deal either, is it?” 

“That explains, by the way, why 80 to 90 percent of your family and friends don’t give a care that your basic human rights are being taken away. They’ve learned, and we’ve taught them, that the individual stewardship of the body isn’t really all that important,” he asserted. 

He added: “At best, this fundamental breach of your priesthood for them is a minor violation, which has yet to be sacrificed on the altar of the common good.” 

So understand clearly, to the extent you permitted the attacks on human life and the body in the past is the extent to which your freedom, your conscience and your body are now under attack.”  

“The sad reality is that we are now living the consequences of not upholding this truth for all of God’s children. We deemed some life disposable and other life subject to manipulation.” 

But, said Pacheco, human dignity is “invaluable and inalienable… Either it applies to all human beings or it applies to none. We can’t pick and choose which humans are exempt and which are not.” 

He maintains that we are “powerless to stop” the encroachment on, and even destruction of, our bodies by “Big Pharma, Big Tech,” and “Big State” “until we turn back to God and acknowledge the truth and dignity of every single human person.” 

“You want your freedoms back? Then become the priest of the temple that God ordained you to be, and more importantly, teach others to respect the temple and the priesthood of every human person.” 

Many have already been making the case legally that COVID mandates infringe upon bodily autonomy. Four students recently sued Seneca College in Canada for violating their “rights of conscience, bodily autonomy,” and “privacy.” 

COVID shot mandates have also persisted across the world despite mounting documentation of the dangers of the COVID mRNA jabs. 

Some COVID injection critics, such as Dr. Steve Kirsch, have estimated that the death rates of the vaccines are up to 40 times higher than what is being reported on the U.S. government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). 

As of November 19, 2021 some 664,744 reports of adverse events after COVID-19 vaccination in the United States alone have been made to VAERS ; these include 8,898 deaths and 41,501 hospitalizations. When the scope is expanded to include non-domestic VAERS reports, there have been 913,266 total reported adverse events, including 19,249 deaths and 97,561 hospitalizations as of mid-November.

John Pacheco oversees the Saint Joan of Arc Community website for Christians opposed to COVID jab mandates.

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