VIJAYAWADA, India, 9 August, 12 ( – An unmarried teenage girl from India and her baby have both died after a botched abortion. The young mother, reportedly between the age of 15 and 18, fought for her life for days before succumbing to an infection.

Police said that the victim began sexual relations with a young man after he seduced her with a promise of marriage. The couple went on to receive the customary consent of their parents. After the girl became pregnant, however, the boyfriend allegedly deserted her. The girl’s parents, failing to convince the young man to follow through with the marriage proposal, took their daughter to a private clinic where a nurse, D Vijaya Kumari, attempted to perform an abortion without the help of a doctor.

Sources told the Times of India that the nurse administered injections to the girl, stating that the pregnancy would be terminated without any trouble.

A saline abortion kills an unborn baby by first removing the amniotic fluid in the womb by means of a syringe and replacing it with a strong salt solution. The baby ingests the salt solution, is poisoned, has his skin burned, and eventually dies.


Upon the injection, however, the girl reportedly began to complain of stomachache. After the girl’s condition visibly worsened over the next couple of days, her parents brought her to a private hospital.

Doctors found that an infection had extensively damaged the girl’s kidneys and had spread to the her lungs and liver. They could do nothing to save her life.

“Ignorance of the illiterate parents, unprofessional handling of the nurse, and the boyfriend’s negligence cost the life of an innocent girl,” one doctor said.

The young man was arrested and reportedly charged under section 417, 420, and 376 of India’s Penal Code which punishes those who cheat and those who rape.

The nurse was arrested and reportedly charged under section 314 of the Penal Code which punishes those who deliberately cause a pregnant woman to miscarry while at the same time causing the death of that woman.

Abortion became legal in India with the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act of 1971. Up until this time, abortion, defined as intentionally “causing miscarriage,” was illegal under the Penal Code.