NEW DELHI, August 31, 2001 ( – The Indian government is planning to put televisions in community halls of high population growth states to distract the rural population from procreating. The plan is also aimed at exposing the public to the government’s family planning media campaigns. Indiaâs family planning budget grew by 20% this year to almost US $2-billion. The Indian government is aiming to reduce the country’s overall population growth to just 1% by 2010, the same growth rate as that of China. Canada, meanwhile, is facing a serious labour shortage in the near future. “A general labour shortage or a series of isolated shortages of skilled workers may occur as Canada faces the rapid retirement of Baby Boomers, beginning as early as 2006,” says a report by the Canadian Council on Social Development and the Columbia Foundation. The mass retirement of Baby Boomers and the ensuing loss of experienced workers could undermine the productivity and competitiveness of Canadian companies, add to the burden on remaining workers as there will be fewer of them, and reduce financing for social programs. Having older workers defer retirement and stay on the job longer was put forward as a temporary solution. No mention was made of encouraging Canadians to have more children.

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