Ben Johnson


Indian woman allegedly gang raped for refusing abortion

Ben Johnson

HISAR, India, March 11, 2013, ( – A pregnant woman says that after she refused her husband's demands to have an abortion, he arranged to have her gang-raped for five days, according to media outlets in India.

The 22-year-old woman said, “I'm five-months pregnant, but my husband wanted to abort the baby. I refused. To teach me a lesson, they first kidnapped me and took me to a liquor vend [store], where they raped me.”

Following a medical examination, police arrested her husband, Sunil, the owner of the store, Prem, and others for rape and confinement.

The report comes on the heels of another widely reported gang-rape late last year, in which a 23-year-old woman was killed after being assaulted by six men in a bus in New Delhi before being thrown overboard.

Abortion is being tied to increases of rape in China and India.

According to experts, the prevalence of sex-selective abortion has left men without wives – and single women without protection. Rape increased 9.2 percent in India in 2011, kidnappings by 19.4 percent, and human trafficking cases by 122 percent over the previous year.

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Growing evidence suggests that in countries like India and China, where the ratio of men to women is unnaturally high due to the selective abortion of female fetuses and neglect of girl children, the rates of violence towards women increase,” wrote Erika Christakis in Time magazine.

As many as 7,000 female babies are aborted a day in India.

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