INDORE, Madhya, Pradesh, India, June 18, 2013 ( – A 60-year-old Indian woman shocked doctors, and herself, when she unexpectedly gave birth to a healthy 3.5 kg (7 lb 11 oz) baby girl last Thursday. 

Only identified as Lilabai, the mother of (now) four children presented herself at the Prakash Chand Sethi Hospital last Tuesday, June 11, with stomach pains, reports the India Times. Upon examination, it was determined she was with child and was presenting low haemoglobin levels. 

She was immediately rushed to a maternity ward at Mahraja Yeshwantrao Hospital to be stabilized before delivering the child via cesarean section.


Lilabai was reportedly in “good spirits” before surgery.

Dr. Lakshmi Maru, the head of gynecology at MYH, declared the procedure a success, saying, “The patient and the baby are healthy.” 

Lilabai was thankful for her health, but even more so for the safe delivery.

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“I was more worried about the baby,” she told reporters. 

A senior health official who assisted in the treatment of Lilabai and her baby told reporters that there are no imminent health concerns for the two patients, save for worry that the child will be orphaned due to the advanced age of her parents. 

Julie Ryan Evans, a columnist for India Today, said the birth suggested it was time to consider post-menopausal birth control methods. 

But ultimately, Evans wished Lilabai and her husband well. 

“Hopefully it will turn out to be the most wonderful surprise of their lives,” she said, “and she’ll add to their family in ways they never could have imagined.”