CHICAGO, Sept 30 ( – A Chicago area hospital is under investigation after pro-life groups alerted authorities to abortion procedures which often leave babies alive after which they are refused treatment, food and water until their deaths. Abortionists admitted that the procedure called induction of labour does take place – and is practiced throughout the US – but they stress it was a “rare” abortion procedure and used when the fetus has a severe genetic defect or the mother’s life is in danger. 

A nurse on the delivery ward alerted authorities to the procedure and the Illinois Department of Public Health is performing a review of the hospital. The Chicago Tribune reports that Christ hospital, affiliated with the United Church of Christ and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, performs about 20 labour induction abortions per year. The pro-life nurse, Jill Stanek, told the paper she held a baby boy, after such a procedure, for 45 minutes until he died. 

The situation in Chicago is almost an exact replica of the Foothills hospital infanticide case in Alberta Canada. There, outright lies by health authorities and the hospital, court orders to bar press from reporting the news and massive coverup were the order of the day.  A cursory investigation by health authorities and police deemed nothing illegal was happening. However, the police excused their phenomenal lack of effort in the investigation saying that no nurses were willing to testify.    

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