Insanity: UK gov’t pays for transgender teens to freeze sperm and eggs

U.K. government is forcing taxpayers to fund transgender teens' sperm and egg freezing venture.
Thu Oct 5, 2017 - 3:39 pm EST
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LONDON, England, October 5, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) -- The U.K. government is paying for gender-confused boys as young as 12 to freeze their sperm so that after they “transition” to having no male genitals, they can still father children.

The government is also paying for gender-confused girls as young as 16 to freeze their eggs so that if they decide to undergo a hysterectomy as part of a “transition” surgery, they still have the option of having their own children. 

The service is being carried out through the tax-payer funded National Health Service (NHS), reported Daily Mail

NHS clinics are freezing sperm and eggs from gender-confused children at a cost to the taxpayers of $530 (£400) and $5300 (£4,000) respectively. Storage cost another $400 (£300) to taxpayers annually.  

Once the sperm and eggs are securely frozen, the children begin taking puberty-blocking hormones to destroy their fertility.

The gender-confused teens must first undergo a psychological assessment and be diagnosed with “gender dysphoria” before they are eligible to have their sperm and eggs preserved. 

Gary Butler, head clinician for gender dysphoric minors at London’s University College Hospital (UCH), suggested that freezing sperm and eggs is worthy of public funding because it is not a “lifestyle choice” that promps the transpatients he serves to undergo a transition.

“They are following their biological and psychological make-up about their identity,” he said. 

“If (transgenders) want to become parents and raise a’s the right of the individual to be able to do that,” he added. 

But Anglican Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, who used to head the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority Ethics Committee, said that taxpayers should not be forced to pay for someone else’s fertility problem. 

“The NHS is about treating people who are ill – that’s what we pay our taxes for,” the Anglican leader said.  “It is not to aid people’s various wishes about what they want to do with their bodies or their futures.”

“With increasing pressure on the NHS and so many essential services not being delivered, where are these funds for fertility treatment coming from?” he said.

The Daily Mail noted that the cost to taxpayers of providing fertility services to transgender teens is expected to rise as “more young people say they have been born the wrong sex.”

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