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(LifeSiteNews) — People’s Party of Canada (PPC) leader Maxime Bernier did not hold back in calling out drag queen story time events targeting kids, saying they are a form of “incredibly irresponsible” gender “ideology” that “must stop.”  

“Our children must be protected from this insidious ideology,” said Bernier in a video posted to his social media channels last Friday.  

“We must stop this explicit effort to normalize gender ideology, particularly among children. It is incredibly irresponsible and would damage an entire generation of young Canadians.” 

Bernier noted how “trans activists” along with their “woke supporters” are going about to “actively” indoctrinate and “confuse” children.  

You must have heard about the bizarre and growing phenomenon in our schools, that is drag queen story time. It’s one of the most disturbing trends facing our country today,” said Bernier. 

“They are pushing them towards an unhealthy lifestyle, a lifestyle filled with harmful hormone treatments and invasive surgeries. It is not a lifestyle that should be normalized or encouraged.” 

Bernier added that because of “these radical activities,” more and more kids are being “confused about their sexual identity, and there is a disturbing suicide rate among ‘trans’ people.” 

He also said that radical gender ideology is like a “new counter-culture,” seeing teens “rebel against their parents” by “identifying as a nonstandard gender or as the other sex.” 

Teenage rebellion is natural, but identifying as hippies or punk years ago did not result in children going on hormone treatments that could permanently damage their bodies, and even leave them sterile,” he said. 

“Our children must be protected from this insidious ideology. Justin Trudeau is totally on board with this and Pierre Poilievre has nothing to say. He and the rest of his so-called Conservative Party all voted in favor of Bill C-4,  a bill that criminalized parents and professionals trying to help confused children who suffer from gender dysphoria.”

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Bernier noted that the PPC will “call out” the “insane and disturbing ideology for what it is and protect our nation’s children.” 

In recent weeks, protests against drag queen story times in Canada have increased, notably in the city of Calgary.  

After Calgary-based Christian pastor Derek Reimer, who has been arrested twice in the past month for protesting drag events targeting children, began to make headlines for his opposition to the trend, Calgary City Council, under its left-wing mayor Jyoti Gondek, passed a bylaw banning protesting against drag shows and other so-called LGBT events taking place at public buildings across the city. 

Specifically, the bylaw stipulates that anyone showing up in protest of such events is to remain at least 100-meters away from the location.

Those who are found guilty of breaking the new rules could face fines of up to $10,000 and one year in jail. 

In response to the widely-slammed bylaw, the Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) has vowed to launch a legal challenge, calling the measure “unconstitutional.”