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(Reclaim The Net) — Instagram has taken action against Chloe Cole, a 19-year-old who identifies herself as a “former trans kid” and had undergone a double mastectomy at the tender age of 15. The platform has restricted her profile, deeming its content to be “violent.”

Chloe Cole shared the news with her followers, saying, “Facebook has notified me that my Instagram bio is too ‘violent.’ If you think reading it is violent, imagine actually living through all that!” Cole’s bio explicitly states, “19, female (XX), former trans kid, started T & Blockers at 13, Double Mastectomy at 15, detransed at 16.”

The decision has led to her content being less accessible, with Instagram notifying her that her account “can’t be shown to non-followers,” and that her “account and content won’t appear in places like Explore, Search, Suggested Users, Reels, and Feed Recommendations.”

In a detailed response to The Post Millennial, Cole remarked, “Facebook is absolutely correct in stating that my bio describes something violent – that is, my own life experiences.”

She believes that by sharing her journey, she is raising awareness and urging compassion for others. Cole commented on the platform’s decision, stating, “It is upsetting that they can claim I am promoting violence and using this narrative to hide my content from parents, children, and those who need to hear my message the most.”

Beyond her digital platforms, Cole has taken legal steps, suing her healthcare providers for alleged malpractice, claiming that they misled her and her family regarding the treatments she received.

Reprinted with permission from Reclaim The Net.