By Steve Jalsevac

Dec. 06 Interim Plus  TORONTO, November 29, 2006 ( – The Interim newspaper has just released for download it’s unique December Curriculum Supplement for Schools. The 6 page supplement, which can be used for home or classroom use, helps teachers and parents to guide their young charges through an exploration of the true meaning of Christmas.

  The supplement includes quotes and an article on Christmas plus entertaining multiple choice questionnaires to test readers’ knowledge on a wide variety of Christmas lore, including questions on related scripture, novels, movies, ethnic Christmas dishes and more. The last page is a large word puzzle of Christmas related words.

  Parents and teachers should also note the October and November Curriculum supplements.

  The November edition presents different views on environmental sustainability and the contentious Kyoto accord. This edition concludes with an article and questions on the Canadian Conservative government’s cuts to government funded programs that have been serving leftist special interests.

  The October curriculum supplement presents the issue of Women in combat and then that of Canada’s population woes resulting from its plummeting birthrate.

  October Supplement

  November Supplement

  December Supplement

  See the complete list of past Interim Curriculum Supplements for Schools at: