UNITED NATIONS, Feb 26 ( – A preparatory commission (prepcom) for the International Criminal Court ended a two-week session today at the United Nations in New York.

The Catholic Family and Human Rights institute reported today that the ICC prepcom dealt with defining what constitutes a crime under the ICC. CAFHRI noted that feminists are working hard once again to insert vague definitions into the statutes.

Pro-life legal analysts warn that vagueness gives the court more flexibility than it should have in deciding what constitutes a crime. This situation flies in the face of Western jurisprudence. It also enables activists to deny an intent to prosecute controversial matters such as legal restrictions to abortion while being confident that their lobbying efforts in the future can see changes that they find favourable.

For example, at the meetings UN feminists insisted that the undefined term “sexual violence” be included as a crime. Many people see the straight-forward understanding of “sexual violence”  being covered in the idea of “rape.” Yet the radical feminists want it to be identified as a crime apart from rape.

The only rationale for this position, say pro-lifers, is that pro-aborts want to be able to argue at a later date that anti-abortion legislation qualifies as “sexual violence.”