MADRID, June 20, 2005 ( -ÂGiven massive discrepancies in numbers reportedÂfor Saturday’s demonstration for traditional marriage in Spain, directly contacted sources in Spain to determine what the real numbers were for theÂevent that receivedÂhuge advanceÂinternational support. Organizers of the eventÂinsist that actual attendanceÂwas between 1.5 and 2 million, making it by far the largest protest ever against attempts to impose same-sex marriage.

Spanish Pro-Marriage Rally

The difficulty in reporting the numbers accurately is that the socialist government which is pushing through a law to allow gay ‘marriage’ is purposely attempting to downplay the huge demonstration. That fact explains the ridiculously low national police estimate of 166,000.Â

The Zapatero government had nothing but contemptuous remarks for the peaceful demonstration, even comparing it to illegal gatherings in Spain by political militants on March 13, 2004. Only three television stations turned out to cover the historic event. Media sources more comfortable with the Spanish government overlooked the gathering.

Beyond photographic evidence which suggests at least a million participants, Spanish correspondent Miguel Cativiela told, “When the Madrid soccer team wins a cup and the plaza fills up, usually 300,000 are reported. This gathering filled up that plaza, a main artery, and a second plaza.”

The 200,000 number which the government would have the world believe, was thanks to photographic evidence and testimony so ridiculous that it was only used by a few news agencies. A UPI story claimed 200,000 and, not surprisingly, California’s LA Times also reported 200,000. An AP story reporting 500,000 was reported on CNN and many other publications and the 500,000 number was the most common report around the world in Germany, Australia and the UK.

The Canadian media all, but with a couple of exceptions, completely ignored the massive demonstration.

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