By Hilary White, Rome correspondent
ROME, January 6, 2010 ( – The killing of 50 million unborn children a year and the moral degradation of the post-Christian west will naturally and necessarily lead to a global political and financial crisis even greater than that which is already happening, said the head of Human Life International (HLI), the world’s largest pro-life organization .  
In a lengthy interview, Fr. Thomas Euteneuer spoke to (LSN) at the HLI office in Rome and said that he anticipates a disaster like the collapse of ancient civilizations, but on a global scale, as a result of abortion and the abandonment of Judeo-Christian values in the West. (Read the complete interview here)
“It’s happened in every society that has reached its pinnacle of civilization and then collapsed,” Fr. Euteneuer said.
“Look at Carthage, the Phoenician empire was much more powerful than Rome for a period of time. But Carthage had a religion that offered human sacrifice of babies. Eventually it degraded from within and collapsed on itself.” 

“We’ve got a serious crisis on the horizon. I’m not a prophet of doom but I don’t see this going any other way but a serious political crisis that’s going to affect the globe,” he said.
In the “moral dimension of the law of nature,” the killing of countless millions of children through the 20th and 21st centuries will require a tipping back of the scales of cosmic justice on an unimaginable scale, he said.
The salvation from this impending disaster, he said, is not the election of a different party or political candidate: “We have to turn back to God.”
“If people get fed up and just elect another political party that is just as bad as the previous political party, it does nothing to stem the global crisis that’s going to come upon us. What we need is a conversion of heart.”
In most cases, he said, only suffering has enough power to effect such a change. “People turn back to God when they suffer.” But the price, he warned, is necessarily going to be high.
“50 million is what is killed every year around the world. It’s a global genocide and it’s totally unrepented. And with contraception and abortion, we’re basically committing mass suicide on a global scale.”
But Euteneuer, who also serves as an exorcist, said that the message cannot be one of despair. “Every war is discouraging because you lose some battles. And sometimes you lose a lot of battles before you actually win one and then turn the tide.”
That tide, however, is not turning yet, he said. “I don’t think we’ve reached that point yet. I think the crisis we were talking about earlier will be the way in which the tide turns.”
“Again, I’m not predicting anything. I just have this intuition that the way things are going, they’re getting worse, they’re declining, they’re dismantling, and that can only mean some form of major destruction down the road.
“The ones who are now presently on the side of the angels are the ones who are going to get through that. And to bring others along with them back to God.”

Read the complete text of the interview here.