Interview with U.S. Presidential Candidate Sam Brownback: Unequivocally Pro-Life, Passionately Pro-F



By John-Henry Westen

  WASHINGTON, DC, January 26, 2007 ( - He is seen by supporters as a man of wisdom and intelligence, not too old and not too young, with stamina and good looks and the determination it takes to become the President of the United StaSam Brownback at 2007 March for Lifetes of America.  Sam Brownback and his team of youthful volunteers were all over the March for Life in Washington DC this week.

  Brownback was definitely not shy about testifying to his pro-life and pro-family beliefs at the March for Life.  Campaign material handed out by the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands emphasized that the senior Senator from Kansas is "proudly" and "unequivocally pro-life".  He refers to Roe v Wade as a "tragedy" that must be "overturned."

  Speaking of the March he told "This is a big cause and it’s a big moment for the cause because we are just now getting across to people, the majority of people, about the pro-life message and the country is moving pro-life so we just really have to move that forward."


  Asked at one meeting about foreign funding of abortion, Brownback remarked "What I have run on consistently is we should not be using taxpayers’ dollars to fund abortions period - anywhere.  Domestically or internationally." also spoke with the Kansas Senator about Canada.  He expressed his love for Canada and hope that the causes of life and family would catch on there as well.  "I love Canada. Canada is a great neighbour," he said. "Canada has been a great friend and neighbor for many, many years. And I am hopeful that some of these causes will start catching on there too - there will be pushes for life, marriages because it’s about the basic building blocks of society and we do impact each other so I would hope that Canada really could engage some of these as well."


  Encouraging the youth at another meeting Brownback said "We are one Supreme Court Justice away from over-turning Roe." He explained that with regard to Roberts and Alito - "now we don’t know exactly how they are going to vote. We hope they will vote pro-life on this or hope that they can’t sleep at night if they don’t vote pro-life on the Supreme Court."


Brownback also spoke of the impetus for this passion for life.  "I met a little girl about seven and a half years ago," he said.  "Her name was Chenyi Dan.  I met her in China.  She was from Shantou City, China.  And at the time she was about 20 months of age.  Beautiful girl - she had been dropped at an orphanage by her mother who had carved a little area, an oval on her stomach with a pen knife - very, very scant.  As a mark, I guess at some point and time maybe they would be able to find each other - again, at some point and time."

"That girl now," he continued, "her name is now Jenna Joy Brownback - I had her at my announcement yesterday for President.  She’s been living in my home for the last seven and a half years as my daughter.  Because somebody fought for her, I get to kiss a little girl goodnight.  Somebody fought for her - who I will probably never meet or ever see or ever know.  But they fought for her and because of that, she is alive."

  He added with a proud smile: "and she won her third grade class Spelling Bee Contest."


  A faithful Catholic family man with wife and five children, Brownback bills himself as a principled, conservative Republican.  His "passion" he says, is to defend the family.  As his brochure bills it, he is "a staunch defender of traditional marriage."

  In addition to fighting the imposition of same sex ‘marriage’ and the threat of pornography, Brownback has, as a Senator, already initiated positive measures to boost family life.  He has proposed Marriage Development Savings Accounts to encourage healthy marriages and cut the rate of out-of -wedlock births. 


  In addition to his strong positions on life and family issues, Sam Brownback is touted as an experienced political leader on many fronts with fresh and formidable ideas on health, education, social security, taxation and energy.

  For more information visit the Brownback website:

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