STORM LAKE, Iowa, February 7, 2012 ( – The Planned Parenthood facility in Storm Lake, which provided “Telemed” abortions in the small farming community, will be closing its doors on March 1st, according to Sue Thayer, one-time manager of the office but now a staunch pro-lifer who led the 40 Days for Life vigil at her former workplace this past fall.

Sue became aware of the closure from a report by the Storm Lake Times and immediately informed Shawn Carney, Campaign Director of 40 Days for Life.

“Wow!” Sue said in her e-mail to Carney. “Of course the clinic is closing! God hears our prayers and He answers! No more telemed abortions on Erie Street! Yay God!!”

“Let’s all take some time to thank God for His unending love and faithfulness,” Sue said. “40 Days For Life was a blessing to each and every person who prayed. Now the Lord has answered with a resounding YES to our petition to end abortion in Storm Lake.”


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Sue Thayer had managed the Planned Parenthood office in Storm Lake for 17 years. According to Sean Carney’s account, “She used to think that Planned Parenthood provided valuable services for women and that the organization truly wanted to prevent abortions (the Storm Lake location did not previously do abortions).”

“That all changed when Planned Parenthood mandated telemed abortions for her facility,” says Carney.

In a telemed abortion an abortionist at a remote location presses a button which opens a drawer that contains drugs for a medical abortion. The doctor never examines the abortion client, leading some to condemn telemed abortions as dangerous and reckless.

Sue expressed her concern — and the abortion chain promptly fired her.

She described her experience with Planned Parenthood during a 40 Days for Life webcast last November.

She recounted how she landed a job at the clinic in 1991 as a Family Planning Assistant. At that time the clinic offered only family planning services and did not perform abortions. Within a month of starting work, a managerial position opened up, giving her the opportunity to advance in her career.

Sue remembered being “stunned” by the entire telemed procedure when it was introduced at her clinic in 2008, and the financial reason given to her by those at head office attempting to justify it. She heard that telemed abortions have “very little overhead” when compared to a surgical abortions, which require specialized equipment, staff, and a physician.

After expressing her concern to her superiors in December 2008, she was told that her manager’s position had been “terminated” since the organization was “downsizing.”

When Sue discovered Planned Parenthood advertising her position a few weeks later, the real reason she had been fired dawned on her – she had been terminated for challenging Planned Parenthood’s “dirty little secret” of abortion for profit.

Shawn Carney of 40 Days for Life related that after a time of healing, prayer and discernment, Sue signed up to lead the 40 Days for Life campaign outside her former workplace this past fall.

Sue has since then joined her voice to numerous other former Planned Parenthood employees who have offered to testify in a Congressional investigation of the abortion giant.

Carney expressed his delight at the news of the Storm Lake office closure.

“This is the 21st abortion center where a 40 Days for Life vigil has been conducted that will be closing its doors forever,” Carney said.

Carney also pointed out that, “In just three weeks, the next 40 Days for Life campaign begins.

“Watch for the list of communities that will be taking part … and maybe — through your prayers and participation — YOUR community will be the next one praising God for the closure of the local abortion center. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for this next campaign!”