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DUBLIN, Ireland, March 1, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — A “guerrilla” street performance exulting in abortion “choice” and mimicking the Hail Mary in a deeply perverse reading of the Annunciation has resurfaced in Ireland as campaigning intensifies in the lead-up to the spring abortion referendum.

Irish citizens vote in May on whether or not to repeal the 8th amendment of its constitution, which recognizes the unborn child’s right to life.

And as pro-life advocates canvas the nation urging Irish to “Save the 8th,” pro-abortion forces are mounting a relentless propaganda offensive that some observers say manifests a disturbing sacreligious fervor.

Indeed, making the rounds on Twitter early this week was a video of a group of women and two men solemnly performing “The Renunciation” in a busy Dublin bus station.

The action begins with performers donning light blue scarves in a room to the clanging of gongs and occasional lugubrious groaning of some unidentified instrument.

The scene then cuts to the bus station, where the leader relates stories of women who traveled to England to abort their child,  then thrice declares: “People of Ireland raise your voice!” To which the others respond: “We are all worthy of a right to choose!”

Produced in 2015 by the home|work collective in collaboration with the Abortion Rights Campaign, the Renunciation “intervenes, respectfully, in the reflective space offered by the modern day Angelus” to offer “uncensored insights into lived experiences,” according to its creators.

“Both rhythm and structure reference the Hail Mary prayer that commemorates the moment in which Mary exercised her agency in consenting to becoming pregnant,” they write.

“These verses highlight the detrimental consequences of denying that same agency for others and disregarding our consent – in essence attempting to enforce pregnancy on us.”

When sharp-eyed Irish pro-life commentator John McGuirk tweeted out the video with a wry observation that “they’ve actually turned #repealthe8th into a religious ceremony,”  his Twitter feed lit up with skewering of performance.

Pro-life artist Eamon Reilly described the Renunciation as “A sectarian, sacrilegious ceremony,” while another observed: “Very interesting choice of word – renunciation- because they want to renounce the babies right to life.”

“They’re obsessed with religion.. it's so frustrating for them when pro lifers leave it out of the debate,” tweeted one. “This is a satanic ritual,” wrote another, while a third noted: “Then they all went out and burned the wicker man.”

But perhaps the most trenchant comment came from one Tom Furbo:

The production was bankrolled by Irish taxpayers through the Arts Council Artist in the Community Scheme.

Meanwhile, the Life Institute and other pro-life associations are campaigning indefatigably to persuade Irish voters to “save the 8th,” and seeking donations to cover the immediate costs of billboards and posters.

And an all-Ireland “Save the 8th” Rally for Life is planned at Parnell Square in Dublin on Saturday, March 10 at 2:00 p.m. For more information, go here.