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Irish Social Democrat Ken Curtin

COBH, Ireland, May 25, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – An Irish cathedral has barred a politician as a Mass reader over his party’s pro-abortion positions, sparking a meeting with the local bishop.

Father John McCarthy, the administrator of St. Colman’s Cathedral in Cobh, told Social Democrat Ken Curtin earlier this month that because of the Social Democrats’ support of repealing the Eighth Amendment protecting unborn children, Curtin could no longer be a reader at Mass.

“[Fr. John] said that regardless of my own personal position, either way, as long as I was a member of a party that was a supporter of something against a core Church belief, I couldn’t be a lector at the same time,” Curtin told the Irish Times.

Curtin is a vocal supporter of same-sex “marriage” and campaigned for it when Ireland voted to redefine marriage last year.

After Father McCarthy removed Curtin as a reader, the politician met with local Bishop William Crean of the Diocese of Cloyne. Afterwards, in an interview with The Irish Times, Curtin claimed the bishop didn’t seem to have a problem with him campaigning for same-sex “marriage.”  According to Curtin, the bishop said he didn’t think one’s support for same-sex “marriage” was grounds for removal as a lector during Mass, but that one’s support for repealing Ireland’s Eighth Amendment was.

Father Jim Moore, the Diocesan Secretary for the Diocese of Cloyne, told LifeSiteNews Curtin’s allegations were “not correct at all” and that Bishop Crean was “absolutely not” approving of Curtin’s LGBT advocacy.

Curtin’s LGBT advocacy “wasn’t discussed at all,” Moore said.  “The meeting [last] Monday was essentially a pastoral meeting…it was a good meeting.”

Moore told LifeSiteNews that Bishop Crean “stands by Fr. McCarthy’s decision” and that McCarthy, Curtin, and Crean will all meet Wednesday.

“It doesn’t make sense to proclaim the word of God on a Sunday and to proclaim a more liberal abortion regime on a Monday,” said Moore.  “Being a reader at Mass is a public ministry in the Church,” and such contradiction is why McCarthy made the decision.

Curtin tweeted that his meeting with Crean was “fruitful.”

Curtin’s Twitter and Instagram accounts and website tout his support for same-sex “marriage.”  Curtin’s website says that he played a “key leadership role” in “Yes Equality Cork in the Marriage Equality Referendum.”

Curtin told Irish media outlets that McCarthy did not forbid him from receiving Holy Communion.  Moore said he is under the impression that Curtin will still be admitted to Holy Communion.

However, Canon 915 of the Code of Canon Law requires that Catholics “obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to holy communion.” According to official Vatican interpretations, that includes Catholic politicians who publicly support abortion and same-sex “marriage,” among other intrinsic evils.