DUBLIN, July 18, 2013 ( – A Dublin man has gone to the courts with a complaint that his girlfriend is under pressure to abort their child.

According to the Irish Times, the unnamed man has asked the High Court for an injunction to stop the woman’s family from taking her to the UK against her will.

The man’s affidavit said that his girlfriend is “happy to be pregnant” and “never expressed any desire to have an abortion.” He said that she has already registered at a maternity hospital and has bought baby clothes.

The request for the injunction has asked that the woman be prevented from leaving the jurisdiction until it can be determined that she is acting freely. The couple sat beside each other in the court during the proceedings.

The man's lawyers said that the woman is under “huge pressure” from her family, which is upset at her relationship with a non-European man. “Indications to us are that the defendant wishes to go ahead with the pregnancy,” the man’s lawyer, Seamus Ó Tuathail, told the court. They have asked that a forensic psychiatrist interview the woman to determine what she wants.

Mrs. Justice Mary Laffoy has adjourned the case until tomorrow.

Despite the rhetoric of “choice” of the world’s abortion lobby, researchers are increasingly finding that women are routinely pressured or coerced into abortions by their family members, husbands, boyfriends, or others. Prostitutes and trafficked women regularly report being forced to abort children, and international human rights groups have started to pressure governments to recognize the problem as part of awareness campaigns on violence against women.

In Texas earlier this year, a teenager launched a suit against her parents who were attempting to force her to have an abortion using “verbal and physical threats.”

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In 2010, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper voted against a bill to ban coerced or forced abortion.

In 2007, leaders of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign said that a Wisconsin bill to help prevent coerced abortion is needed not only in that state, but across the country.