DUBLIN, January 18, 2013, ( – The UK’s busiest abortion organization is offering training sessions for Irish medical students who want to “observe the procedure.” Students can attend one-week externships to “witness how abortion procedures are carried out.”
The British Pregnancy Advisory Service has said that students would “have the opportunity to gain an insight into the many and varied reasons why women may present with an unplanned pregnancy or a pregnancy which cannot be carried to term”. BPAS says that two students have already signed up for the program.
Students must have “completed one year of medical school, had a basic medical knowledge, an understanding of confidentiality and ethics, and was able to explain in writing why they wanted to take part.”
A major part of BPAS’ activities is actively recruiting medical students for abortion training. Last year, they sent out a letter to ten thousand UK students, saying, “The choice to say yes or no is one we make on a daily basis and yet for a woman with an unplanned pregnancy it is a choice in jeopardy…the discourse is shifting and your help is needed.”
BPAS is offering the program in Irish medical schools after last year’s course “attracted considerable attention from Ireland.”
Dr. Richard Lyus admitted that the organisation is anticipating that the Irish government is about to liberalize the law: “We hope these placements will give Ireland’s next generation of doctors important insight into the needs of women in this situation, which they can make use of in the course of their careers.”
Patrick Buckley, the Dublin representative of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, described the announcement as the height of “political opportunism.”

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“The sad fact that some students have already accepted the BPAS internships is a cause for grave concern as are the comments attributed to their mentor,” Buckley commented.
“We have to ask what ever happened to the Hippocratic Oath, the concept of protection of the vulnerable and the commitment of doctors to ‘do no harm’?”
Not only does the registered charity BPAS receive about one-quarter of the abortion business contracts from the National Health Service, they are active in lobbying for even more liberalization of the law and “greater access” to abortion.
In 2012, the group registered an income of £25,536,000 — £25.54 million of which was revenue from their “charitable activity,” mainly abortion, 96 of the country’s hospitals.
“All income generated from our services is invested in UK services and advocacy work,” BPAS sais. This advocacy work includes heavy involvement in producing “sex education” programs for schools and working with government agencies, as well as direct political lobbying.
BPAS, while still under investigation for allegations that they have been complicit in illegal late abortions, was sharply criticized when they pushed for chemical abortions to be allowed outside the confines of medical facilities. They petitioned the High Court to rule that the Abortion Act 1967 allows women to take abortion drugs at home, without medical supervision. The court refused the petition, but the group continues to push the issue.
SPUC warned at the time that the move was almost certainly part of BPAS’ efforts to push abortion into Ireland. SPUC spokesman Paul Tully told, “Women could be given RU486 in English clinics and sent back to Ireland to take it at home. Taking misoprostol [the abortifacient agent] is, we would argue, clearly part of the abortion procedure and such usage is illegal in the Republic or Northern Ireland.”