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KNOCK, Co. Mayo, Ireland, November 1, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) ― Ireland is on course to implement the most liberal abortion regime in Europe, but Irish pro-lifers are fighting back.

Human Life International-Ireland (HLI-I) is calling for a nine day fast to put a stop to abortion in both the Irish Republic and staunchly pro-life Northern Ireland. Participants are being asked to fast only three days, however.

“We’re running it over nine days, and people can pick whichever three days they want,” HLI-I Operations Manager Catherine Leigh told LifeSiteNews.  

The “9 Day Fasting Campaign” will take place between November 6, the Feast of the Saints of Ireland, and November 14, 2018. HLI-I is seeking at least 300 people from Ireland’s 32 counties to participate. However, they are delighted that people from America have already signed up. All participants may enroll online here.

Those who wish fast the traditional way may stick to bread and water, but Leigh said HLI-I is happy for other participants to attend Masses, say rosaries, or make any other kind of sacrifice, like fasting from Facebook, as they ask God to bring about a “complete collapse of abortion in Ireland.”

“Not everyone can fast for three days,” Leigh explained. “We don’t want there to be any accidents!”

Leigh told LifeSiteNews that a former occult leader told Irish pro-lifers a few years ago that people involved in the occult don’t care if a million people march against abortion but they are terrified of “even one person fasting against their plans.”  

Even more than Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland was renowned as a pro-life nation until a concerted effort by a pro-abortion minority, funded from abroad and exploiting the sad death in 2012 of Savita Halappanavar, led to a national referendum to repeal the pro-life Eighth Amendment of Ireland’s Constitution. Formerly pro-life politicians, including Ireland’s first homosexual Taoiseach, or Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, backed the repeal, and significant cultural figures, like members of the rock band U2, encouraged the Irish to vote “yes” to abortion.

The referendum was held on May 25, and the “yes” side won by a landslide of 66 percent. Heartbroken “Save the 8th” campaigners, who had warned voters that a repeal of the Eighth Amendment would lead to a wholesale slaughter of the unborn, afterwards ascertained that voters had simply believed the Irish media when it falsely claimed that the Eighth Amendment was harming, and even killing women. Nevertheless, the pro-abortion Irish government swiftly moved to create legislation for abortion on demand up to the 12th week of the unborn baby’s life.   

The government is also demanding that all Irish doctors be complicit in abortion, either by performing them or by referring abortion-minded women to doctors who will do them.

“They won’t give our doctors conscientious objection [rights],” Leigh told LifeSiteNews. “And it will be the most liberal abortion regime in Europe.”

The webpage for the “9 Day Fasting Campaign” is encouraging Catholics, and the “Irish diaspora around the world,” to join the communal plea to God to convert each county of Ireland back to life:

“This fasting might just be what tips it!” it says. “After all the 1000’s of Masses, Holy Hours[,] Rosaries[,] and Holy Face Devotion – this fasting might JUST BE THE KEY!”