Irish Rally For Life a Huge Success

Dublin, July 9, 2007 ( - "The turnout was far beyond expectations, we were thrilled with the day", said the chairman of the organising rally committee and leader of the pro-life group Youth Defence. 

The Irish pro-life rally, called ‘Celebrate Life’, which set off from the General Post Office, on Dublin’s main street, had heads spinning as the colour and the enthusiasm of the crowd grabbed the attention of thousands of Dublin shoppers on a busy Saturday afternoon in Ireland’s Capital.

The rally was headed up with a banner, held by a number of young women, calling on the Irish Government to keep their pre-election pro-life promise and not legislate for abortion or allow for embryo research. 
  Prior to the recent Irish Parliamentary elections (24th May), pressure was put on the main political parties, by Pro-life lobby groups, to guarantee, that if elected; they would not enact anti-life legislation. The two main political parties gave this guarantee and the rally was to remind the new Irish government of this pro-life commitment. 

The rally arrived at the Irish Parliament Buildings to the sound of the song ‘Life is Life’ booming out from a public address system. The street was closed off by the Irish Police to accommodate the massive crowd and the rally participants took full advantage dancing and singing as they approached the stage where they were to be addressed by a number of pro-life speakers.

  Speakers included members from the groups Youth Defence, the Pro-life Campaign, and the Mother and Child Campaign. Also Fr. Brian Mc Kevitt O.P., editor of the Catholic ‘Alive’ newspaper, gave a talk on the media and on the recent abortion controversy surrounding the ‘human rights’ group, Amnesty.

"Though this rally has given a huge boost to the pro-life cause in Ireland, we cannot become complacent. We need to continue to pray and act to make sure Ireland remains abortion free", concluded the rally organizer.

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