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(LifeSiteNews) — Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett recently pressured a reluctant teenage girl to take a COVID vaccine on live television.

The girl, the daughter of one of Bennett’s friends, was said to have been afraid and reluctant to get vaccinated. In front of a primetime TV audience, she is seen squirming in a chair while a nurse prepares to inject her with Pfizer’s COVID shot.

As this is happening, a news anchor broke in to note that “there is some stress, but it is a beautiful event, a special event with the prime minister.”

“This is Noa, she is a bit afraid,” the anchor added.

“In a couple of seconds it will be all over,” Bennett tells Noa on camera.

After she receives her injection, the Israeli prime minister is seen offering Noa ice cream as her post-vaccination treat.

Israeli actress and singer Avital Livny told LifeSiteNews that the broadcasted injection was a propaganda stunt designed to get more children to take the vaccine.

“The prime minister is going crazy in an effort to make people vaccinate their children, since the vaccination of children is not going as expected,” she said. “The majority of children are not going to get the vaccine, so this is part of the propaganda that they’re trying to do.”

Just last month, Bennett compared the unvaccinated with machine gun-wielding killers. He presides over a country that is now attempting to inoculate its citizens with a fourth dose of the COVID jab. Israel has become notorious for its vaccine passport and its continued willingness to lock down society in response to spiking case numbers.

Livny added that in the event of a positive COVID test, Israeli schools are requiring all students in the class to isolate. Vaccinated children can return a day later if they test negative, but unvaccinated children must continue to stay at home for seven to ten days, even if they test negative.

“No medical explanation, no logic, just pressuring parents to get children vaccinated in order to be free to do what they want,” she said. “This is how it works in Israel.”