JERUSALEM, May 31 ( – On Monday, Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that two lesbians could be legally registered as the mothers of the same child in a decision denounced by faithful Jewish leaders. Nicole and Ruti Barnea-Kadish, lesbian activists living in Tel Aviv were granted legal parent status of Ruti’s four-year-old son, Matan conceived through in vitro fertilization with an anonymous sperm donation.  The Globe and Mail reported Tuesday that the pair originally registered as parents of the child in California, which allows such registrations and then applied for similar registration in Israel.

Rabbi Haim Druckman, a National Religious Party member of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) said “the message that arises from the ruling is the destruction of the family.”  Rabbi Abraham Ravitz,  a legislator from the Orthodox United Torah Judaism party, submitted a motion in parliament,  saying, “I know of a state which had laws like this, it was called Sodom. The judges are intelligent but they are cut off from their Jewish roots and from the true feelings of society.”