ROME, August 12, 2004 ( – The Italian Health Minister commented during an interview with Italy’s La Republica Tuesday that abortion is essentially “murder.”“Before resorting to a violent and bloody act that suppresses a life, substantially murder, contrary to my morals, there are other ways to act,” Girolamo Sirchia said, as reported by Italy’s English online news, AGI. “I accept it only if the woman’s health is in serious danger. I believe abortion to be a serious act, detrimental to the rights of the unborn child and to society.”  Although Sirchia claims he is not intending to alter Italy’s abortion law, he told La Republica that, “When I was councillor at Milan’s city hall there was a resolution that was highly challenged, where it gave financial support to women who renounced to abort.” The decision to give financial incentives to women to keep their babies was later adopted by the Bavarian government, he said.  Read Tuesday’s related coverage:  Italy to Consider Law Limiting Taxpayer Funding for Abortion   tv