Italian Health Ministry Promoting Homosexuality in High Schools

Wed May 20, 2009 - 12:15 pm EST

By Hilary White

ROME, May 20, 2009 ( - Italy’s national homosexualist activist group, Arcigay, has announced that the Italian Ministry of Labor, Health and Welfare is co-funding a project to promote homosexuality in Italy’s schools. The project, "Interventions to prevent the origins of homophobic bullying" will include a national report on "homophobic bullying" to be conducted by Arcigay, and a series of training seminars for school staff and lectures to young people and students.

Materials to be disseminated to schools will include a poster depicting three teenage girls dressed in traditional Catholic school uniforms, with the caption, "She’s gay, and we’re cool with that."

In Britain, the "homophobic bullying" theme, introduced by the phenomenally successful homosexualist lobby group Stonewall, has been identified by Christian groups as a "key codeword" in the suppression of public opposition to the homosexualist political program.

British schools, including Christian schools, have been instructed by the government to implement programs designed to present homosexuality and the "gay lifestyle" as just one of a variety of forms of normal "sexual expression." In 2007, a British Education Secretary told homosexualist activists that the government is preparing "guidance" to address what was identified as "faith-based homophobic bullying." The government has threatened to "crack down" on religious schools who refuse to implement the programs.

Arcigay’s public funding has allowed the group to hire two "facilitators" to work on the project. Dr. Ambra Guarnieri, and Dr. Gabriele Prati, both lesbians, will act as "Training Facilitator" and "Scientific Supervisor" respectively.

Guarnieri said that the goal of the program is to create a situation in which a young homosexual in high school will "hear a talk in his school and his classroom of homosexuality as one of the possibilities of his sexual identity and not as an illness or problem from which he should be freed."

Gabriele Prati, a psychologist at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Bologna, said that "homophobic bullying" is "a largely underestimated phenomenon" and "it is necessary to combat it vigorously."

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