Kirsten Andersen


Italian mayor restricts internet access: employees spending up to six hours/day surfing porn sites

Kirsten Andersen

MONTIGNOSO, Italy, March 4, 2013 (LifeSiteNews) – The mayor of a town in Italy has revoked town employees’ access to the internet after it was discovered that several of them were using their computers to look at hard-core pornography during work hours – some of them up to six hours a day.

The Italian media have reported that some of the town’s 74 employees would sign in at 8 A.M. and immediately begin viewing pornography online, stopping only when the town hall building closed for lunch.

Mayor Narcisio Buffoni would not fully confirm those reports.  Said Buffoni, “All I am prepared to say is that there has been an improper use of the internet within the council offices – that’s why there is no access to the web.”

Added Buffoni, “I am not prepared to go into the details of what the sites visited were, other than to say they were not work related and not ethical. It was restricted to a limited amount of staff, not all 74 employees.”

Recent reports out of the United States show that the bad behavior of Montignoso’s town employees is hardly unique. According to one report from the Nielson company, 29% of employees with internet access used work computers to view porn. However, the estimates vary widely, with another survey finding that only 3% admitted to viewing porn.

The FBI recently issued a sordid report detailing the inappropriate usage of agency-issued technology for violations including sexting, sending lewd photos to coworkers, and downloading child pornography.

Most of the employees caught misusing FBI tech for sexual purposes were either suspended or fired.

Mayor Buffoni, however, said he will not take any disciplinary action against the town council’s employees.

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