October 14, 2013 ( – Tonight on MTV, millions of viewers will be introduced to the reality of post-abortion trauma.

On the next episode of Teen Mom 3, Brittany DeJesus explains she does not want to keep her gynecological appointment, because she is still in pain over an abortion she had a year ago.

“It's a bad memory,” she tells her mother, Roxanne, and her sister, Brianna. “I don't want to go and relive that day. And that's why I don't want no one [sic] touching me. I'm not ready for that.”


She adds that, while she aborted her child a year earlier, “a year sounds like a lot, but it's really not – not for something like that.”

Her mother encourages her to open up, because “it's really bothering you,” and notes that her daughter never discusses the emotional anguish the procedure inflicted.

Her sister attempted to console her, counseling, “Remember the reasons why you did it, OK?”

“I do, but –“ Brittany replied before Brianna spoke over her, saying, “That's what keeps you going.”

Brianna added, “You'll be fine, I promise,” as her sister wiped away tears from her eyes.

Ironically, the pro-abortion website RH Reality Check cited Brittany's discussion of her abortion experience as a step toward eliminating “abortion stigma” and fighting an alleged Republican-led “war on women.”

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Brianna was pregnant near the same time as Brittany but chose to give birth to her girl, Nova, on the TV show 16 & Pregnant.

She recently told an online publication, despite the pain of her abortion, Brittany finds solace by spending time with her young niece. “She's happy for herself that she can still watch a baby grow up.”

Brianna said, although she loves her baby, she would do things differently if given the chance. “I would not have sex at all,” she said. “Sex complicates things.”

The episode airs this evening.