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'In an age of political correctness..., how is it that Hillary Clinton proudly receives the Margaret Sanger award?' asks Pastor Clenard Childress.American Life League

WASHINGTON, D.C.,October 13, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – As Barack Obama and Cecile Richards crisscross the nation to campaign for Hillary Clinton, a black pro-life organization is saying it's “absurd” to support the pro-abortion candidate. 

The Life Education And Resource Network (LEARN) has completed a multiple state tour protesting Clinton, Planned Parenthood, and two national institutions they say are honoring a racist. The group held a three-day, three-state series of demonstrations asking voters from New Jersey to the nation’s capital why they are turning a blind eye to the racialist legacy of the abortion industry, and lining up behind the candidate most in tune with her.

“In an age of political correctness and racial sensitivity, how is it that Hillary Clinton proudly receives the Margaret Sanger award?” asked the Rev. Dr. Clenard Childress.

In May 1926 Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood and an outspoken advocate of eugenics, addressed the Ku Klux Klan’s women’s chapter, where she so impressed them that she received “a dozen invitations to speak to similar groups.” She launched an effort dubbed the Negro Project, which paid black leaders to promote the use of birth control and sterilization.

Yet at Planned Parenthood’s 2009 gala, Hillary Clinton said she was “in awe of” Sanger’s “courage, her tenacity, her vision.”

“How can a person seeking the highest office in the land not be demanded to return that award back to Planned Parenthood?” Childress asked. “How can African-Americans, especially, support such a candidate? It’s absurd!”

Polls show as many as nine-out-of-10 African-Americans supporting Clinton for president.

Part of their protest included a stop outside what they consider their most egregious target: a portrait of Sanger being honored inside the National Portrait Gallery.

It was the group’s second major protest of the exclusive gallery’s decision to fete Sanger. A coalition of pro-life groups led by the Family Research Center protested by letter, while another group held a press conference led by Brent Bozell of ForAmerica last September.

This weekend, LEARN also protested two Planned Parenthood facilities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

More than one-third of all abortions are performed on black women, although African-Americans make up only 14 percent of the population, according to Michigan Right to Life.

Despite its disproportionate impact, the National African American History Museum includes no discussion of the sterilization and abortion of the African-American community, such as those practiced by Planned Parenthood.

Rev. Childress said the omission is “like the Jews not mentioning the Holocaust.”

Anything short of acknowledging this tragic history means that the two institutions “are now covertly endorsing abortion and eugenics in America,” according to Rev. Dr. Johnny Hunter.

“African-Americans don't need another entity manipulating and contorting facts to fit their political agenda,” Rev. Childress said. “Let the people know the truth!”